Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert recently uncovered a bizarre hidden detail about former President Donald Trump’s new pitch. The detail was discovered while Colbert was reviewing Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity, where Trump discussed his plan to use his platform to endorse and promote certain products in exchange for payment. Colbert noted that Trump claimed he would take a 10% cut from any deals made through his platform, which he described as “100% scummy” and “100% weird.”

Colbert delved further into Trump’s pitch, pointing out the absurdity of a former president using his platform to endorse products for profit. He likened it to a landlord collecting rent from the White House, highlighting the hypocrisy of someone who once held the highest office in the country now engaging in such a commercial venture. Colbert also raised concerns about the potential conflicts of interest that could arise from Trump’s business dealings, noting that his actions could violate ethics guidelines and further undermine the integrity of the presidency.

The late-night host went on to mock Trump’s lack of self-awareness, as the former president seemed oblivious to the ethical implications of his proposed scheme. Colbert drew attention to Trump’s history of promoting dubious products, such as Trump steaks and Trump University, questioning the credibility of any endorsements made through his platform. He also noted the irony of Trump’s pitch coming in the midst of ongoing legal battles and investigations into his business practices, suggesting that it was a desperate attempt to generate revenue.

Colbert concluded his segment by highlighting the absurdity of Trump’s latest business venture in the context of his failed presidency. He pointed out that Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election and his continued spread of baseless conspiracy theories had further tarnished his reputation. Colbert expressed disbelief that anyone would take financial advice from someone with such a track record, joking that Trump’s platform should come with a disclaimer warning users of the risks involved.

Overall, Colbert’s exploration of Trump’s new pitch offered a scathing critique of the former president’s continued efforts to profit off his political career. The segment highlighted the absurdity and ethical concerns surrounding Trump’s plan to endorse products for profit, as well as the potential conflicts of interest that could arise. Colbert’s commentary served as a reminder of the need for public figures to uphold ethical standards and avoid exploiting their platforms for personal gain. By exposing the bizarre hidden details of Trump’s latest business venture, Colbert shed light on the dangers of allowing greed to overshadow integrity in the world of politics.

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