In a recent interview on the DGA’s “Director’s Cut” podcast, Steven Spielberg praised Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two” as one of the most brilliant science-fiction films he has ever seen. Spielberg, known for iconic films like “E.T.” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” commended Villeneuve for his world-building skills, placing him among the esteemed list of filmmakers who have excelled in this area. Villeneuve was visibly surprised and honored by Spielberg’s praise, especially highlighting a scene in the film where Paul rides a sandworm, calling it a notable triumph.

Spielberg pointed out the theme of water amidst the desert landscape in “Dune: Part Two,” noting the symbolism of water in a film primarily set in a desert environment. He appreciated how Villeneuve made the desert look like a liquid, transforming sand into an ocean, with sandworms resembling sea serpents. The scene of Paul surfing the sandworms was particularly impressive to Spielberg, who declared it as one of the greatest things he has ever seen. Varietypreviously reported that shooting the sandworm riding scene took 44 days and involved building a massive set piece to create the desired effect.

The film’s cinematographer, Greig Fraser, also shared his thoughts on the challenges of bringing the sandworm riding scene to life, expressing initial skepticism about how it could be achieved. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that the audience never questioned the concept, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience without suspending disbelief. “Dune: Part Two” has garnered praise from both critics and audiences, grossing nearly $240 million domestically and over $570 million worldwide. The film continues to be screened in theaters across the country by Warner Bros.

Spielberg’s recognition of Villeneuve’s talent as a world-builder and filmmaker adds to the acclaim surrounding “Dune: Part Two.” Villeneuve’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to transport viewers into the world of Arrakis has captivated audiences worldwide. The success of the film is a testament to Villeneuve’s skill in adapting Frank Herbert’s complex and beloved novel for the big screen, staying true to the source material while adding his own creative flair.

The conversation between Spielberg and Villeneuve on the DGA’s “Director’s Cut” podcast offers insights into the filmmaking process and the challenges of bringing a project like “Dune: Part Two” to life. Spielberg’s praise for Villeneuve’s work reflects the admiration and respect that the director has earned from his peers in the industry. As “Dune: Part Two” continues to make waves at the box office and among audiences, it solidifies Villeneuve’s position as a visionary filmmaker capable of crafting immersive and awe-inspiring cinematic experiences.

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