The release of SZA’s long-delayed “Lana” album has been full of twists and turns, with the singer announcing that due to leaks, she will release three leaked songs alongside others as a deluxe edition. SZA also mentioned starting “Lana” from scratch to ensure fans get new and unheard music. This decision was prompted by a person named Janessa leaking unreleased material, causing SZA to consolidate the leaks with the outtakes for the deluxe edition.

SZA has been vocal about the negative impact of leaks on her unfinished music, stating that it ruins the songs and takes away her control over the release. The singer expressed frustration with the leaks, emphasizing that she should not be bullied into releasing music before she is ready. This is not the first time SZA’s work has been affected by leaks, and she has previously discussed the issue in interviews.

The deluxe edition of “SOS” has gone through several iterations, with SZA initially mentioning it as an expansion of her previously released album. She later revealed that it would include new songs and outtakes, branding it as the “Lana” album. Despite leaks affecting the release plans, SZA remains determined to provide fans with quality music and is working on delivering a cohesive project.

SZA performed a free concert last September and announced “Lana” as a separate album with seven to ten songs. The singer showcased unreleased tracks at the concert, giving fans a taste of what to expect. Despite challenges along the way, SZA remains committed to completing the album and delivering an authentic and compelling listening experience for her audience.

The album “Lana” was initially planned for release in December after SZA’s Grammy wins, with the lead single “Saturn” released in February. However, the constantly changing tracklist and release date have left fans uncertain of when to expect the full album. SZA continues to work on finalizing the project and ensuring that it meets her standards before its official release.

While fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of “Lana,” details regarding the release date and tracklist remain unknown. SZA’s determination to provide an exceptional listening experience despite setbacks and leaks demonstrates her commitment to her music and her audience. The singer’s decision to start the album from scratch and consolidate leaked material into the deluxe edition shows her dedication to delivering the best possible music to her fans.

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