Tori Spelling was recently seen crying after a heated conversation with her estranged husband, Dean McDermott. The former couple was photographed together at a storage unit in Los Angeles, where they appeared tense despite having recently gotten back on good terms. At one point, Spelling was seen standing alone and seemingly screaming, while McDermott moved to the side to cool off.

Spelling and McDermott appeared to have settled down later on, continuing their conversation. However, Spelling was visibly upset, bursting into tears in her car. The actress was photographed with her hands to her face before wiping away tears. The encounter occurred just over a week after McDermott praised Spelling as a great support amid their separation and his sobriety.

Spelling was seen in a casual outfit of a black crop top and light blue denim jeans, while McDermott wore ripped blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black baseball cap. Neither of their representatives responded to requests for comment. McDermott had previously spoken highly of Spelling, describing her as generous, caring, and empathetic. He also mentioned that Spelling and his new girlfriend get along well.

McDermott announced his split from Spelling in June 2023 and began dating Lily Calo four months later. Despite their separation, Spelling and McDermott have reunited several times and celebrated a birthday party for one of their children together. The actor expressed gratitude for the harmonious relationship between Spelling, his new girlfriend, and himself, emphasizing the importance of everyone coming together for the children’s well-being. The couple’s interactions are closely monitored by the media, with photos capturing their emotional moments.

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