Having people over your house, whether it’s for a casual get-together or a fancy dinner party, can be stress-inducing, especially if you have anxious or perfectionist tendencies. But experts suggest not to obsess over things that guests won’t notice. Experts say guests usually notice the scent and lighting of your home first. Cleaning expert Becky Rapinchuk suggests opening windows, using a diffuser, or burning a candle to create a good smell. Good lighting helps create a welcoming ambiance, which guests will appreciate. It’s recommended to add more table lamps or increase the wattage of bulbs for a well-lit space. Clutter is another thing guests notice, so tidying up common areas and keeping surfaces free of clutter can make a difference. Basic cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom is also important to make a good impression.
Incorporating houseplants into your home decor can add color and texture that guests will appreciate. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, houseplants have mood-boosting properties. Experts also recommend paying attention to the entryway as it is the first room guests notice upon entering. Traditional entryways offer an opportunity to showcase eye-catching finishes and fixtures that set the tone for the rest of the house. Guests also tend to notice interesting furniture pieces, such as funky chairs or cool velvet sofas. Additionally, artwork and framed photos can liven up bare walls and create a more welcoming atmosphere in a home.
Experts suggest that hosts refrain from fixating on small decorative elements that guests are unlikely to notice, such as the perfect placement of vases or pillows. When hosting, it is advised to minimize the number of small decor pieces on tabletops and counter spaces to prevent guests feeling cluttered. Cleaning experts suggest doing a basic cleaning rather than deep cleaning all areas of the house before having guests over. While tidying up is important, guests usually don’t comment on how clean or presentable the house is. It is not necessary to splurge on expensive plates or silverware for dinner guests, as guests are unlikely to notice or care about these details. Music and temperature also play a role in creating a welcoming environment for guests.
Experts emphasize that it’s more important to focus on connecting with guests rather than obsessing over creating a perfect environment. Rather than worrying about meeting a certain standard, the goal of hosting is to create memories and connections with those in your home. Hosts should prioritize creating a welcoming and comfortable space for guests to enjoy rather than fixating on minor details that guests won’t notice. Ultimately, the goal of hosting is to bring people together in a meaningful way, so focusing on connection and creating a positive atmosphere is key.

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