Disney bundle subscribers now have the option to view Hulu’s entire library on Disney+, thanks to a new package called Hulu on Disney+. This bundle includes popular Hulu exclusive shows like Grey’s Anatomy and movies like Poor Things, all accessible from the Disney+ platform. The addition of Hulu content to Disney+ is seen as a transformative move by Joe Earley, President of Direct-to-Consumer at Disney Entertainment, who believes that it offers viewers more opportunities to discover and enjoy a wide range of titles in one place.

The company hopes that by offering Hulu content on Disney+, subscribers who primarily use Hulu will now spend more time on the Disney+ platform. According to Earley, many Hulu-dominant subscribers may not realize the wealth of content available on Disney+ and may have been switching between the two platforms for different viewing experiences. By consolidating both libraries into one platform, Disney is aiming to create a more seamless and convenient viewing experience for its subscribers.

Hulu on Disney+ is available as part of the Disney bundle, which starts at $9.99. Subscribers can access Hulu’s library for an additional $2, along with other Disney pillars like Marvel and Pixar. This move is being hailed as a significant technical and product evolution for Disney+, according to Aaron LaBerge, President & CTO of Disney Entertainment & ESPN. The integration of Hulu content into Disney+ is seen as a step towards creating a more engaging user experience and laying the foundation for future innovations and enhancements.

The launch of Hulu on Disney+ is part of Disney’s broader strategy to cater to the evolving needs of its subscribers and offer a diverse range of content on its streaming platforms. By combining the strengths of Hulu and Disney+, the company is aiming to create a more compelling entertainment offering for viewers. The move is also expected to attract more subscribers to the Disney bundle, which includes Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ at a competitive price point.

Overall, the addition of Hulu’s library to Disney+ represents a significant step forward for the streaming service and underscores Disney’s commitment to providing high-quality entertainment options to its subscribers. With access to a wide range of exclusive shows, movies, and content from both Hulu and Disney, subscribers can enjoy a more seamless and diverse viewing experience. The launch of Hulu on Disney+ is poised to enhance the value proposition of the Disney bundle and offer subscribers even more options for entertainment at their fingertips. Happy streaming!

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