Former airline employee Darby Maloney shared a helpful flying hack on TikTok that allows travelers to receive real-time updates about their flight directly on their phone. By texting the flight number to themselves and their family on the morning of the flight, travelers can easily access information such as the current gate number, expected flight duration, and baggage claim carousel. This hack eliminates the need to constantly check airport screens for updates and can be particularly useful in situations where gate changes occur frequently.

Maloney’s video quickly went viral, receiving over 1 million likes and numerous comments praising the usefulness of the tip. Travelers can also use their airline’s app to access the same information, but the convenience of texting oneself the flight number reduces the number of steps needed to gather flight information. The simplicity of this hack can be especially beneficial in stressful scenarios such as short layovers for connecting flights, where knowing the gate number immediately upon landing can save valuable time.

By texting the flight number to oneself on the morning of the flight, travelers can easily access crucial information in real-time, such as gate changes or delays. This hack can also be useful for coordinating with family members or friends who are picking them up from the airport. Additionally, airlines often use the same planes for different flights, making it important to have the most up-to-date information about one’s specific flight. Both iPhone and Android users can take advantage of this hack, with iPhone users receiving a pop-up link and Android users being able to type the flight number into their search bar for real-time updates.

The ease and efficiency of this flying hack have resonated with many travelers, who appreciate the simplicity of accessing flight information directly on their phone. By eliminating the need to constantly check airport screens for updates or download multiple apps, this hack can streamline the travel experience and provide peace of mind to travelers. As Americans head to the polls in 2024, ensuring access to high-quality journalism like HuffPost’s reporting is crucial, and supporting platforms that provide freely accessible news is essential for an informed electorate. Contributions from readers help keep journalism free for all and support important coverage of current events and critical issues facing the country.

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