Tiffany Haddish attended Elton John’s annual AIDS Foundation Oscar party and avoided drinking alcohol by joking that she was trying to get pregnant when asked why she wasn’t drinking. It’s unclear if this response was a joke or if she was serious, but sources close to her say she is serious about her sobriety and is focused on her health. Haddish co-hosted the event with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka and was seen having a great time bidding on auction items and making jokes, being the life of the party.

Despite her jokes about motherhood, those close to Haddish say that while she does have aspirations of being a mother, the comment about trying to get pregnant was likely a joke. She is dedicated to her sobriety and is focused on her health and well-being. Haddish was described as being jovial and hilarious at the party, making fun of herself and her dress. She was seen as the bright light in the room and appeared to be having the time of her life at the event.

Haddish’s sobriety came into question after she was arrested for DUI late last year, leading to constant scrutiny about her drinking habits. However, sources close to her say that she is committed to maintaining her sobriety and is doing well. At the event, Haddish was seen as the highlight of the party, spreading joy and laughter with her jokes and presence. She was one of the stars who helped raise over $10.8 million for Elton John’s foundation through the event. Haddish’s antics at the party were well-received by attendees, who enjoyed her humor and energy throughout the evening.

Despite the speculation around her sobriety, Haddish’s jokes about trying to get pregnant seem to have been taken in stride by those who know her well. She may have been using humor to deflect from the ongoing scrutiny about her lifestyle choices. Regardless, she was a hit at Elton John’s party and was seen as a positive and entertaining presence. Haddish was praised for her charitable contributions and her vibrant personality, showing that she is much more than just a comedian but also a caring and generous individual. Her dedication to her health and sobriety continues to be a priority for her as she navigates the challenges and successes of her career.

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