“The Miracle Club” is a film on Netflix that brings together three powerhouse actresses, Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, and Maggie Smith, for a lightweight dramedy. The film follows three women, Lily, Eileen, and Dolly, who mourn the loss of their neighbor Maureen and decide to take a trip to Lourdes, France, in hopes of winning tickets at a church talent show. When Maureen’s daughter Chrissie shows up unexpectedly, old tensions resurface, and the women must confront their pasts while on the pilgrimage.

As the women embark on their trip, they each hope for healing in different ways. Lily still grieves the loss of her son, Eileen grapples with a potential health issue she has kept secret, Dolly seeks a cure for her son’s inability to speak, and Chrissie hopes to find closure from their troubled past. The trip to Lourdes forces them to confront their fears, confront the men in their lives who don’t understand their need for forgiveness and redemption.

While the film is not groundbreaking, the performances from the cast, particularly Maggie Smith, elevate the material and bring a sense of warmth and poignancy to the story. The film’s humor is gentle and predictable, and the drama follows a familiar formula, but the chemistry between the actresses keeps it engaging. Director Thaddeus O’Sullivan stays true to the well-meaning formula of female-centric community stories, emphasizing the strength and bond of women in the face of adversity.

While “The Miracle Club” may not be a groundbreaking film, it offers a heartfelt exploration of female friendship, forgiveness, and healing. The performances from Linney, Smith, and Bates elevate the material and make it worth a watch for fans of their work. The film may be formulaic at times, but it has a certain warmth and charm that makes it an enjoyable and comforting watch. Overall, “The Miracle Club” may not be miraculous, but it is a pleasant and touching film that is worth streaming for its cast’s performances.

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