House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is indicating a potential shift away from pursuing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, citing likely opposition from Democrats in the Senate. Comer suggests that rather than pushing for a Senate trial, House Republicans could send criminal referrals to the Justice Department for potential prosecution under a future Donald Trump administration. This comes as GOP leaders struggle to convince their members that impeaching Biden is necessary and viable, especially with an ultra-slim majority in the House.

The GOP faces challenges in gathering enough votes to impeach Biden, particularly among Republican lawmakers in swing districts that Biden won in 2020. With Rep. Mike Gallagher resigning, the House majority will drop to a one-vote margin for defections. While a party spokesperson reaffirmed that impeachment is still being considered, the two-thirds majority required to convict and remove an official from office in the Senate poses a significant hurdle for Republicans. Some Senate Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin, have indicated they may vote to dismiss an impeachment inquiry against Mayorkas, seen as an easier target compared to Biden.

Comer’s committee has been investigating claims of wrongdoing by Biden, based in part on Hunter Biden’s communications with his father and business associates. However, witnesses, including Hunter Biden himself and former business associates, have testified that President Biden was not involved in their business activities. The FBI informant central to the GOP probe was recently charged with lying to the bureau about the Bidens. Despite lacking concrete evidence of wrongdoing by Biden, Comer has suggested there is a conspiracy involving the “deep state” and the media to discredit the investigation.

The Republican inquiry included public testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business associates, who claimed to have interactions with Biden but provided limited evidence of his involvement in their business dealings. Comer closed the hearing by suggesting Biden may be called to testify, although an official invitation has not been issued. The White House counsel has called for an end to the investigation, arguing that it is time to move on and focus on more pressing matters for the American people. The GOP’s efforts to pursue impeachment of Biden continue to face challenges and skepticism within the party and the broader political landscape.

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