Comedian Chelsea Handler shared on the Call Her Daddy podcast that she was prescribed the medication Ozempic by her “anti-aging doctor” without realizing what the drug actually was. The doctor suggested it as a way for Handler to potentially drop five pounds, leading her to try the drug. However, Handler didn’t like how it made her feel, mentioning that she felt nauseous after injecting herself with it following a vacation in Spain.

After experiencing negative side effects and realizing that the drug wasn’t medically necessary for her, Handler decided to stop using Ozempic. She ended up giving away the remaining doses to friends, stating that she didn’t want to continue using it because it seemed “silly.” Handler emphasized that Ozempic is typically meant for heavier individuals, indicating that it wasn’t appropriate for her own weight or health goals. Despite her initial willingness to try the medication, Handler ultimately determined that it wasn’t the right fit for her.

Handler’s experience with Ozempic sheds light on the importance of being informed about the medications prescribed by healthcare providers. In this case, she was unaware of what Ozempic was and how it would affect her body before starting to use it. As a result, Handler experienced negative side effects and ultimately decided to discontinue using the drug. By sharing her story, Handler highlights the need for individuals to ask questions and seek clarity about any prescribed medications to ensure they are suitable and safe for their specific health needs.

The comedian’s decision to give away the remaining doses of Ozempic to her friends also demonstrates her willingness to help others and prevent them from potentially experiencing similar side effects. Handler took on the role of educating her friends about the medication and its intended use, ultimately looking out for their well-being by ensuring they were informed about what they were injecting into their bodies. This act of generosity and concern for her friends’ health showcases Handler’s caring nature and desire to protect those around her.

Overall, Handler’s experience with Ozempic serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of understanding and questioning prescribed medications. While her initial lack of awareness led to negative side effects and a decision to stop using the drug, Handler’s willingness to share her story emphasizes the need for individuals to advocate for their own health and well-being. By being proactive and informed, individuals can make informed decisions about their healthcare and avoid potential risks associated with medications that may not be necessary or suitable for their specific needs. Handler’s openness about her experience with Ozempic can serve as a valuable lesson for others facing similar situations in their own healthcare journey.

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