The UCLA women’s basketball team has been utilizing a male scout team in their practices and scrimmages to help them prepare for tough opponents, including facing defending national champions, Louisiana State. These male scout team members, such as Jonny Garnett and Oscar Dela Cruz, are known for their athleticism and skills that challenge the UCLA players in practice. The women’s team often loses to the men in practice but see it as a way to improve and be better prepared for actual games.

The male scout team players bring a competitive edge to the practices, with Garnett being noted for his rebounding skills and attitude. Despite being chivalrous, Garnett is capable of showing his competitiveness in practice, although he may need to work on his trash-talking skills. The male scout team players are careful not to be reckless during practices, allowing dunking but with caution to prevent injuries to the women’s team.

While the women’s team acknowledges the talent and skills of the male scout team players, they also consider them to be an essential part of the team, providing valuable contributions to their preparation and improvement. The male scout team members, who have a background in high school basketball, have a good understanding of the game, allowing them to accurately mimic opponents and help the women’s team be better prepared.

The male scout team players are seen as part of the women’s team, receiving perks such as priority class registration, premium seats at games, recognition at team banquets, and free shoes. The women’s team members attest to the benefits of practicing against such skilled players, noting that it helps them gain confidence and be better prepared to face any opponent during games. Practices against the male scout team make actual games seem easier in comparison, with the women acknowledging the challenge and toughness they provide.

Even though NCAA rules prevent the male scout team players from traveling with the women’s team regularly, they continue to offer their support and are hopeful to accompany the team more often. The women’s team recognizes the dedication and commitment of the male scout team members, expressing gratitude for their contributions and support. As the UCLA women’s team continues its journey in the NCAA tournament, the influence and importance of the male scout team players will be felt, reinforcing the team’s belief in their capability and readiness to face any challenges on the court.

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