Tide turns as former #FreeBritney fans now ‘deeply concerned’ for Spears

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Some Britney Spears superfans who once condemned her contentious conservatorship are now singing a different tune — and insisting the pop icon might just be too toxic for her own good.

The 41-year-old singer’s increasingly erratic and racy Instagram feed reveals a “gross excuse of a mother” whose downward social-media spiral could turn ugly without intervention, former #FreeBritney followers told The Post.

“I’m deeply concerned,” longtime fan Lauren Mars, 33, said. “Freedom can be very dangerous for someone who has no idea how to navigate life without being controlled. We should’ve been more mindful of that [in calling for the end of Spears’ 13-year conservatorship]. Instead, we were just so eager to free her without thinking of the consequences.”

Mars, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has followed Spears’ entire tumultuous chart-topping career — but she blasted the singer’s “insane” Instagram posts, including a recent crudely captioned nude bathtub shot.

“Her content is disturbing and very confusing, irrational and crazy,” Mars continued. “It hurts my heart. If she wants freedom from fans too, then she should just come off social media. Posting such content is doing nothing but hurting fans.”

Spears’ profile took a somewhat wholesome but confusing turn over the weekend, as she posted a tribute to her estranged sister, Jamie Lynne Spears, 31, and said she’d “die” for both of her sons in another message — after previously having attacked them on Instagram for being unsupportive.

“I would give anything just to touch your face,” the singer wrote Saturday alongside a snap of her 16-year-old son, Jayden James. “I send my love … Mamasita.”

Spears also turned heads Saturday with another nude photo, this time showing her splayed out on a beach with nothing but flower emojis covering her breasts.

“Come on sexy girl’s mom … take the mic,” a caption reads. Match up movie star and my hubby … Talk s–t over my head … WHAT’S UP MY FRIENDS!!!!”

Some observers, meanwhile, said they were at a total loss.

“It’s like bad Google translate,” one comment read.

“This isn’t someone thats in their right mind … whether sober or not,” another user wrote.

Mars, a public relations and advertising professional, said she’s dismayed by Spears’ seeming struggle to be independently stable since being released from the 13-year conservatorship last November. The court-ordered arrangement had put Spear’s father, Jamie, her attorneys and ultimately a “care manager” in control of Britney’s professional and personal affairs, as well as her sizable estate — now estimated at $70 million.

But it also meant many decisions were taken away from her, including ones related to birth control, marriage, finances and even leaving her house to shop.

“I don’t think Britney will ever be able to live a normal, free life,” Mars said. “She has no idea how to be free or survive alone. It’s very sad; very, very sad.”

A former “hardcore” Spears fan in Massachusetts agreed, saying she once supported the #FreeBritney movement but now sees trouble from afar.

That led the 41-year-old single mom to launch an Instagram profile — BritneyToxicStans — featuring the “twisted attacks, threats and bullying behavior” allegedly made by Spears’ fans toward anyone who dares to criticize the notoriously scattershot superstar.

“I was under the impression that her rights were completely violated, that she was denied very basic things: coffee, driving, etc.,” the Cape Cod mother told The Post of Spears’ strict conservatorship.

“When I heard her testimony, my heart broke and I followed along with every new update, even scrutinized the legal documents,” she continued. “Until she got free. Then I started to see the signs.”

The miffed mom, who requested anonymity due to fears of reprisal from rabid Britney backers, accused Spears of refusing to take accountability for the “very real role” prompting the conservatorship: a 2008 agreement following a series of high-profile meltdowns and Britney’s divorce from Kevin Federline a year earlier, leading to a bitter child-custody battle.

“She needs medication, guidance, support, healing and parenting classes,” the Cape Cod critic said. “What she’s doing is traumatizing her own children and blaming everyone but herself for her pain and peril.”

Federline, 44, claimed in August that his with Spears, Jayden and Sean Preston, 17, had avoided their mother for months, even skipping her June nuptials to 28-year-old fitness trainer/actor Sam Asghari, the singer’s third marriage. The couple tied the knot at Spears’ sprawling mansion in Thousand Oaks, Calif., where her estranged parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, as well as sister Jamie Lynn, were auspiciously absent.

K-Fed also claimed their sons wanted Spears to tone down her risqué Instagram profile, saying it’s “tough” for them to stomach.

“But what did she do instead?” the Cape Cod mom asked. “She doubled down on the nudes and continues to taunt them while twirling around in a thong. Gross excuse of a ‘mother’ in my humble opinion.”

The singer’s latest lewd look also caught the eye of Spears fan Sue Sweeney of Sarasota, Florida, who doesn’t think any legal restrictions should be placed on the liberated “controversial” artist. Still, with Spears’ teen sons in mind, Sweeney, 56, suggested she behave cautiously rather than audaciously.

“Sometimes you have to think about perspective … like your boys’ perspective of you as a mom,” Sweeney replied to Britney’s post, leading 2,400-plus users to agree.

“It’s respectful to maybe keep these pics/WORDS/statements like this OFF the internet so their friends don’t torment them,” Sweeney continued. “Love you lady, love your creativity and free expression … but this is not good for them.”

Sweeney told The Post she supports free expression, but insisted parents also have a “moral responsibility” to protect their children’s mental wellbeing. Healing can be a messy process though, she added.

“Believe it or not, I think her posts are her way of working through what happened to her,” Sweeney said. “She needs freedom to choose, and she deserves that. My main concern was her boys, but that is up to her.”

Decades after signing her first record deal at just 15 and consistently dominating tabloids onward, the collective toll of Spears’ torment is palpable, Sweeney said.

“There is a lot of pain in this family and all of their feelings are valid,” she said. “Britney is working her world the best she can right now.”

Mars, Britney’s longtime fan from Belfast, suggested the peacockish pop star consider leaving Hollywood behind to start a path toward self-sufficiency and personal growth.

“If someone can get to Britney and take her away from everything, where she’s surrounded by good people with her best interests at heart, there might be a chance that she will be OK,” Mars said. “But I still think she will always depend on someone, I don’t think Britney will ever be able to be independent … I’m just really concerned; I can see something’s wrong.”

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