Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘View’ worthy birth chart: How she earned the EGOT

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She’s got the right point of view.

When it comes to living legends, few others have risen to the crown in pop culture for over four decades like the one-and-only Whoopi Goldberg.

As one of the most successful artists of all time—holding the acclaimed EGOT status of an Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Oscar and Tony Award—Goldberg has shown that she is a jack of all trades.

Not limited to one genre, she has continued to break ground with roles in dramas like “Ghost,” comedies like “Sister Act,” animated films like “Lion King” and “Toy Story” as well as sci-fi franchises like Star Trek. In recent years,

Goldberg has become a major voice in the mainstream media as a figurehead on the television talk show “The View.”

So what makes her such a powerhouse? Was she always meant to rule her realm of the world? Join me as we dive into her stars.

Whoopi Goldberg is a Scorpio Sun.

Whoopi Goldberg’s birth chart shows she’s an artist for humanity

Whoopi Goldberg was born on November 13, 1955. This makes her a passionate Scorpio Sun with an intense Scorpio Moon with an Aquarius Ascendant. When it comes to elemental energies that compose her, she is significantly based in Fire and Water. This brings her incredible levels of passion, creativity and emotion—all synergized into her desires and goals. When looking at key themes that run through her birth chart, there are a few things I want to point out. First, she has a lot of planetary interactions and astrological aspects that focus on her Sun, which ties to her life force, as well as Ascendant, connected to her identity and physical body, and finally her Midheaven, which rules her professional life and public recognition.

As a result, we know she was born to be a star because those are some of the most significant factors to find when looking for fame, recognition or glory. Her Sun is even exactly aligned with her Ascendant, which makes her strong-willed, creative, confident and powerful. She demands to be the center of the attention—and she always is. Her courage and strength are limitless even just from this key aspect, and like I said, it’s exactly aligned to the perfect degree.

Whoopi Goldberg birth chart zodiac sign
Whoopi Goldberg has a Scorpio Moon.
©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy

Her Sun is also united with Saturn, the planet of perseverance and longevity, which makes her ambitious and shows that she was always meant to leave her mark on the world. She grew up demanding recognition—and it may have not always been easy—so it pushed her even further to dig deep and concentrate and make it happen.

Her Mars, the planet of energy, links beautifully with her Ascendant, bringing her even more confidence and an outgoing nature. She’s hardworking and eager, but also argumentative and independent in her thoughts. This also aids her in gaining the respect of others and allows her to inspire people. This is especially true because Aquarius is the zodiac sign on her Ascendant. Then with her Saturn also linking to her Ascendant, too, she’s been gifted powerful executive and leadership abilities, too. As you can see, she was always meant to rule the roost.

Beyond this, though, we know she is original and a brilliant artist—and the world was always destined to see her as such. Her Venus, the planet of art and beauty, is exactly perched atop her Midheaven—or point of career fame. This is what gifts her such brilliance and artistry. Yet, beyond this, she’s also a true visionary and revolutionary—tapping into the human collective’s energetic needs. She likes to push boundaries and do her own thing rather than be kept in a box.

All of this is found within her because she has four extremely rare astrological alignments:  her Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are all linked. Furthermore, her Uranus is also tossed into the mix, especially in connection to her Neptune. Sounds like a lot? It is. I’ll just sum it up once again: she’s a force to be reckoned with and is meant to guide, teach and inspire people now and in the generations to come.

Whoopi Goldberg astrology zodiac sign
Whoopi Goldberg has an Aquarius Ascendant.
Getty Images

What are predictions for Whoopi Goldberg?

So what lies ahead for Whoopi Goldberg? Let’s take a peek!

First and foremost, she’s been in a vastly important and powerful new era of her life. This began in 2021, actually, when Jupiter, the planet of miracles soared into her Ascendant. It is remaining here until the onset of 2023, so all of the new projects, plans and beginnings she’s ushered forth in that time will echo out for another twelve-year cycle.

She’s also experiencing powerful eclipses in both her communication and media sectors from the end of 2021 until the end of 2023, which will significantly shift her pay scale—as has likely already happened.

Her income is definitely going to grow substantially in 2023, with more projects being locked down around communication and growing more powerful in the latter half of 2023 but even moreso in 2024. She’s such a beacon of light. I think the world is a better place because she is in it. You heard it here first.

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