Former President Donald Trump expressed outrage over the killing of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller and used the opportunity to promote his stance on curbing crime during the officer’s wake on Thursday. Trump referred to the suspect as a “thug” and emphasized the need to respect law enforcement officers. He also called for a return to law and order, stating that the current approach is not working. Trump’s comments were well-received by attendees at the funeral home, and he had previously offered his condolences to Diller’s family on social media.

President Joe Biden reached out to New York City Mayor Eric Adams to offer support following Diller’s killing, with the White House expressing full support for the city and NYPD in the wake of the tragedy. Biden, along with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, is scheduled to attend a campaign fundraising event in New York on Thursday. Trump, on the other hand, has frequently criticized crime rates in New York City, falsely claiming that they have reached unprecedented levels. However, police data shows a more than 20% decrease in major crimes since 2001.

New York Police Commissioner Edward A. Caban paid tribute to Officer Diller, describing him as a hero who worked tirelessly to make the city safer. Diller’s tragic death marks the first time a New York City officer has been killed in the line of duty since January 2022. Following the incident, Diller received a dignified transfer with fellow officers honoring his service. Trump, who was in New York for a hearing on Monday, has not held a major campaign event since March 16, but attended Diller’s wake to show his support for law enforcement and advocate for tougher measures against crime.

In his remarks, Trump emphasized the need to show respect for police officers and cracked down on criminals who pose a threat to public safety. The former president’s visit to Diller’s wake was met with applause from attendees, with Trump expressing his love and appreciation for law enforcement. While Trump has been critical of Democrats, including Biden, for crime rates, the White House continues to offer support and solidarity to New York City and the NYPD in the aftermath of Diller’s death. The tragic loss of Officer Diller has deeply affected the law enforcement community in New York City, with Commissioner Caban acknowledging the officer’s dedication and sacrifice in serving the city.

The funeral for Officer Diller comes at a time when law enforcement officers across the country are facing increasing risks and challenges in ensuring public safety. The last time a New York City officer died in the line of duty was in January 2022, highlighting the dangerous nature of policing and the sacrifices made by those who protect and serve their communities. As the city mourns the loss of Officer Diller, there is a renewed focus on honoring his memory and the contributions he made to keeping the city safe. With political figures like Trump and Biden offering condolences and support, the community comes together to remember a fallen hero and advocate for a safer and more just society.

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