Former President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on Ronna McDaniel, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, after NBC News reversed its decision to hire her as a contributor. Trump claimed that McDaniel had been fired by NBC and criticized her leadership of the RNC during his presidency. He accused her of not doing enough to support him and his policies, and suggested that she was only looking out for herself in seeking a media role.

McDaniel had been named as a contributor to NBC News earlier in the month, but the network faced backlash from Trump supporters and conservative commentators over the hiring. After initially defending the decision to bring McDaniel on board, NBC ultimately decided to reverse course and rescind the offer. In response to the announcement, Trump took to social media to express his satisfaction with the decision and to once again attack McDaniel for her perceived disloyalty.

The feud between Trump and McDaniel highlights the ongoing power struggles within the Republican Party, as Trump continues to exert his influence over the direction of the GOP. Despite leaving office in January, Trump remains a dominant figure in Republican politics and has not been shy about publicly criticizing party members who he feels have wronged him. McDaniel, who served as RNC chair during Trump’s presidency, has found herself in the crosshairs of the former president as she navigates her next steps in both media and politics.

McDaniel has not publicly responded to Trump’s attacks, but sources close to her have indicated that she is disappointed by the turn of events. They claim that McDaniel was looking forward to joining NBC News as a contributor and viewed it as an opportunity to expand her media presence and influence. However, the backlash from Trump supporters and the network’s subsequent decision to rescind the offer have left McDaniel in a difficult position, as she tries to navigate the shifting currents of Republican politics.

The episode also raises questions about the future of McDaniel’s political career and her standing within the GOP. As a former RNC chair and loyal supporter of Trump, McDaniel was once considered a rising star within the party. However, her association with the former president has become a liability for some Republicans who are looking to distance themselves from Trump’s controversial legacy. It remains to be seen how McDaniel will navigate these challenges and whether she can find a way to rebuild her reputation and influence within the party.

In the meantime, Trump’s attack on McDaniel serves as a warning to other Republicans who may be considering crossing him or questioning his leadership. The former president has shown that he is willing to use his platform and influence to punish those who he believes have betrayed him, even if it means creating divisions within the party. As the GOP looks ahead to the 2022 midterms and beyond, the power struggle between Trump and other party leaders is likely to continue, with McDaniel’s firing from NBC News serving as just the latest chapter in a contentious and tumultuous period for the party.

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