Biographical dramas, or biopics, are a popular genre in the film industry, with recent hits including “One Love” about Bob Marley and “Shirley” about Shirley Chisholm. These movies can be both box office successes and award winners, with actors such as Cillian Murphy and Will Smith earning Oscars for their performances in biopics. The genre shows no sign of slowing down, with many high-profile biopics currently in production, including a Bob Dylan biopic starring Timothée Chalamet and a Bruce Springsteen film with Jeremy Allen White in talks to star.

Other upcoming biopics include Selena Gomez as Linda Ronstadt, four Beatles biopics directed by Sam Mendes, Sebastian Stan as Donald Trump in “The Apprentice,” Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons, Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson, and Angelina Jolie as Maria Callas. Additionally, Tom Holland is set to play Fred Astaire, Billy Porter will portray James Baldwin, Marisa Abela will portray Amy Winehouse, and Hari Nef will play Candy Darling in a film directed by Zachary Drucker. Colman Domingo will star as Nat King Cole in a movie musical that he also co-wrote and will direct.

Timothée Chalamet is set to star as Bob Dylan in the upcoming biopic “A Complete Unknown,” which will follow the music legend’s arrival in New York and disruption of the folk scene. Other cast members include Monica Barbaro as Joan Baez, Elle Fanning as Sylvie Russo, and Edward Norton as Pete Seeger. Jeremy Allen White is in talks to play Bruce Springsteen in a film about the making of his album “Nebraska,” while Selena Gomez will portray Linda Ronstadt in a biopic directed by David O. Russell. Sam Mendes is working on four separate Beatles biopics that will tell the story of the iconic band from different perspectives.

Sebastian Stan will star as young Donald Trump in the movie “The Apprentice,” while Pauly Shore will reprise his role as Richard Simmons in a feature-length biopic. Jaafar Jackson is set to portray Michael Jackson in a biopic titled “Michael,” and an Elon Musk biopic is in development with Darren Aronofsky attached to direct. Angelina Jolie will take on the role of Maria Callas in a biopic directed by Pablo Larraín, while Daisy Edgar-Jones will play Carole King in a film adaptation of the stage musical “Beautiful.” Tom Holland will star as Fred Astaire in an upcoming biopic, and Billy Porter will portray James Baldwin in a movie he co-wrote about the author and civil rights activist.

Marisa Abela will play Amy Winehouse in the upcoming music biopic “Back to Black,” while Hari Nef will portray Candy Darling in a biopic about the transgender icon. Colman Domingo will star as Nat King Cole in a movie musical that he co-wrote and will also direct. These biopics offer a glimpse into the lives and careers of some of the most iconic figures in music, film, and literature, showcasing their struggles and triumphs on the big screen. With a diverse range of stories and talented actors attached to these projects, the biopic genre continues to be a popular and compelling addition to the film industry.

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