Marciano Brunette is the lead server on Lisa Vanderpump’s new Hulu reality series Vanderpump Villa, which showcases the drama and antics of the hand-picked staff at her exclusive French estate Chateau Rosabelle. Known for his bad boy qualities, Marciano’s behavior has drawn comparisons to Vanderpump Rules’ infamous SUR-ver, Jax Taylor. Despite this, Marciano sees himself as a better version of Jax, or “Jax 2.0,” and is flattered by the comparison, feeling that it fits fairly well.

Though Marciano embraces the comparison to Jax Taylor, Lisa Vanderpump herself does not necessarily see the similarities between Marciano and the reality TV villain. Regardless, Marciano’s antics, such as taking shots with guests and getting into heated arguments in front of vacationers, make for entertaining television on Vanderpump Villa. With a Las Vegas hospitality background, Marciano is well-versed in the art of drama and creating riveting content for viewers.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules will surely find themselves intrigued by Marciano Brunette and his antics on Vanderpump Villa. As the lead server, Marciano plays a central role in the show’s narrative, bringing both drama and entertainment to the screen. His larger-than-life personality and bad boy image make him a standout character among the hand-selected staff at Chateau Rosabelle, adding an interesting dynamic to the series.

With his confident demeanor and willingness to embrace the role of the reality TV villain, Marciano Brunette is poised to become a fan favorite on Vanderpump Villa. Drawing comparisons to Jax Taylor, Marciano brings a fresh and exciting energy to the show, captivating viewers with his charm and charisma. As the series unfolds, fans will likely find themselves rooting for Marciano, eagerly anticipating his next move and the drama that follows.

As Vanderpump Villa continues to unfold, viewers can expect to see more of Marciano’s antics and the drama that comes with his presence. With his bad boy qualities and larger-than-life personality, Marciano adds depth and intrigue to the show, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Whether he is taking shots with guests or engaging in heated arguments, Marciano’s presence is sure to leave a lasting impact on Vanderpump Villa and its viewers.

Overall, Marciano Brunette’s role as the lead server on Vanderpump Villa brings a new dynamic to Lisa Vanderpump’s reality TV series. Fans of Vanderpump Rules will find themselves drawn to Marciano’s captivating personality and entertaining antics, making him a standout character on the show. Whether he is playing the role of the reality TV villain or charming viewers with his charisma, Marciano is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences as they tune in to witness the drama unfold at Chateau Rosabelle.

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