How to Remove Background in Photoshop Tutorial (and add grain, shadow, and more!)

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In this interview and Photoshop tutorial, I answer some common questions from Nucly subscribers—the first being: How to remove a background in Photoshop. I also cover how to add grain, using curve presets, creating a shadow and more.

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00:00:29 Three primary sites that I use for free photos.

00:00:33 Unsplash

00:00:44 Pexels


00:00:52 For paid project

00:00:56 Shutterstock or Adobe Stock

00:02:32 How to download

00:03:01 Spend more time looking for a photo

00:03:22 remove a background.

00:03:26 select

00:03:30 select and mask.

00:03:35 Select Subject in Photoshop

00:03:45 select the mask

00:03:48 Select Subject

00:03:56 Clean up

00:04:09 Lasso tool

00:04:28 Photoshop tools that you use for selecting are represented here.

00:04:32 equivalent to the quick selection tool.

00:04:37 equivalent to brushing on your mask.

00:04:41 tool similar to select subject,

00:04:52 And then you’ve got the lasso tool, and that’s awesome.

00:05:22 clean up anything

00:05:38 lasso tool default behavior – adding

00:05:44 if you hold down (option) it’s going to subtract. (PC ALT)

00:06:11 more on using the brush

00:06:20 control brush feathering

00:06:35 not super sharp, so I’m going to use the brush here.

00:07:25 edge detection.

00:07:53 Avoid step effect

00:08:01 not creating that step effect.

00:08:13 background – copy it.

00:08:34 adding grunge layers –

00:09:06 adding proper depth

00:09:07 add another layer

00:09:11 adding gradient

00:09:17 adding a background light

00:09:36 fade this layer

00:09:40 clip at the bottom, something like that.

00:09:44 add more vignetting around this.

00:09:51 us of elliptical marquee

00:09:55 new trick using a curves layer

00:10:16 making a marquee

00:10:22 circular oval.

00:10:23 Add adjustment layers

00:10:27 a curves adjustment layer, make it darker

00:10:31 curb mask properties

00:10:36 invert the mask feathering

00:10:40 about 500 pixels.

00:10:42 transforming a mask – Command T (PC: Ctrl T)

00:10:47 transforming a circle

00:10:52 layer mask on curves and your darkening with a big feather

00:11:00 moving vignette

00:11:14 add a little blur to it to simulate lens that had shallow depth of field

00:12:25 make it so it all belongs together by adding a curve

00:12:34 Using one of my color presets –

00:12:38 Use of gradient presets to get a unique look

00:13:32 other techniques

00:13:55 But the one I showed here is the one that I use 95% of the time

00:14:22 brushing out elements in a mask

00:14:44 black on the mask makes part of the image disappear

00:14:49 White makes it appear

00:15:28 adding noise to simulate film grain

00:15:35 add a layer at the very top and add some grain

00:15:40 take a layer fill it with 50% grain – H0 S0 B50

00:15:51 Put this on overlay

00:15:54 add filter noise, add noise

00:15:58 Adding monochromatic noise and Gaussian blur

00:17:00 sources, I struggle with that, making them unified and with the shadows too.

00:17:11 adding shadows technique

00:17:35 make a copy of person

00:17:40 fill that with black

00:17:43 Use a transform and reshape

00:18:18 add some Gaussian blur to it

00:18:21 Take down the opacity

00:18:25 Match other shadows in the image

00:18:49 quick select here to adjust shadow

00:19:10 adding linear gradient on top of the shadow

00:19:38 shout out to Wendy C on the Nucly group.

00:19:58 good course for beginners on right now?

00:20:07 Photoshop Secrets for $27 but right now I am giving it away for FREE

Link here-

00:20:41 free goodies and tools?

00:20:45 So for all three projects, you get the textures, the overlays

00:20:50 the lens flares, the lighting like all the things that you need

00:20:55 close to 50 assets that you get with the course in order

00:21:01 you can use in any of your own projects

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