Warner Bros. is gearing up for another Cannes party that promises to be a departure from their previous controversial bash. Last year, CEO David Zaslav faced criticism for hosting a lavish party during a Hollywood strike, but this time around, the event will be hosted by other studio bosses along with Graydon Carter’s Air Mail publication. The party will take place at the Hôtel du Cap and will honor the upcoming film “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” along with its star-studded cast and director George Miller.

The event will be a departure from the previous bash, which was criticized for being out of touch with the situation in Hollywood at the time. While Zaslav’s attendance at this year’s party is still to be confirmed due to his busy schedule, the focus will be on the film and its talent rather than on Zaslav himself. The party is expected to have a different feel this time around, with a new team hosting the event and a partnership with other brands.

The party will also pay homage to the film through its décor, creating an immersive experience for attendees. Last year’s celebration marked Warner Bros.’ 100th birthday, but this year’s event will focus on “Furiosa” and the potential success of the film in the wake of recent financial struggles faced by Warner Bros. Discovery. Despite setbacks, the studio has seen success with blockbusters like “Barbie” and “Dune 2,” and hopes that “Furiosa” will continue this trend.

Comedian Patton Oswalt took a jab at Zaslav and the studio’s financial challenges at a recent awards show, joking about a deal with H&R Block. The studio has acknowledged the struggles they have faced but remains hopeful for the future, particularly with the upcoming release of “Furiosa.” The Cannes party will provide an opportunity for new studio bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to celebrate the film’s premiere and Zaslav’s return to the festival.

The event is expected to be a blend of Hollywood glamour and “Mad Max” grit, with the décor reflecting the film’s post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Despite the controversies surrounding last year’s party, Warner Bros. and Air Mail are moving forward with a new team and a fresh approach to this year’s celebration in Cannes. With the Cannes party set to coincide with the film’s world premiere, the event promises to be a star-studded affair highlighting the talent involved in “Furiosa” and setting the stage for the film’s success.

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