We Were the Lucky Ones is a period drama set against the backdrop of World War II, following a Jewish family who gets separated during the Holocaust. Based on the best-selling novel by Georgia Hunter, the series shows the family going to great lengths to survive and reunite with one another. The first four episodes premiered on Hulu on Mar. 28, 2024, with new episodes airing on Thursdays. Developed by Erica Lipez and directed by Thomas Kail, the series stars Joey King and Logan Lerman as members of the Kurc family.

The filming of We Were the Lucky Ones took place in Romania and Spain, with the majority of filming done in Romania. Locations in Romania included Bucharest and Mogosoaia. In Spain, filming took place in Málaga, Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, and Puerto Santa Maria. According to the Spanish newspaper SUR, filming in Spain occurred in May 2023, with scenes shot on Calle San Juan in Málaga transformed to resemble a corner of Brazil and a bookbinding and leather workshop. The Marbella Club Hotel was also used as a filming location.

Extras dressed in period costumes from the 1940s were seen on set in Spain, alongside actors Lihi Kornowski and Logan Lerman, though Joey King was reportedly absent. We Were the Lucky Ones is currently streaming on Hulu, offering viewers a moving portrayal of a family torn apart by war and their journey to survive and reunite against all odds. Set during the Holocaust, the series sheds light on the challenges faced by Jewish families during that tumultuous time and the resilience they showed in the face of adversity.

By adapting Georgia Hunter’s novel for television, the series brings to life the experiences of the Kurc family and their struggle to overcome the horrors of war and genocide. Filming in both Romania and Spain added depth and authenticity to the storytelling, with the locations serving as a backdrop for the characters’ journey through peril and hope. The performances of King and Lerman, along with the supporting cast, bring a human dimension to the tragedy of the Holocaust, reminding audiences of the importance of remembering and honoring those who suffered and perished during that dark chapter in history.

We Were the Lucky Ones offers a compelling and emotional portrayal of one family’s experience during the Holocaust, highlighting the bonds of love and resilience that helped them survive against overwhelming odds. Through its gripping storytelling and powerful performances, the series serves as a moving tribute to those who endured the horrors of World War II and a reminder of the need to confront and remember the atrocities of the past. With its combination of historical drama and personal storytelling, We Were the Lucky Ones is a must-watch for audiences seeking a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of one family’s journey through the darkest of times.

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