Facing a potentially fatal lack of Democratic support in the Senate, the White House is intensifying its efforts to secure the confirmation of Adeel Mangi, who would be the first Muslim American to serve as a U.S. federal appeals court judge. Amid accusations from Senate Republicans and their allies that Mangi is anti-police, the White House is highlighting endorsements from law enforcement organizations to counter the smear campaign. The support from these organizations aligns with the assertion that Mangi is not anti-police, as claimed by his opponents.

The nomination is facing opposition from three Democratic senators, including Jacky Rosen of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. With Democrats holding only a slim majority in the Senate, Mangi’s nomination is in jeopardy. White House officials, including chief of staff Jeff Zients and Legislative Affairs Director Shuwanza Goff, are actively urging lawmakers to confirm Mangi without delay in an effort to salvage his nomination. The White House is emphasizing the need to move forward with the confirmation process to avoid further setbacks.

Mangi’s nomination presents a challenge for President Joe Biden as he seeks re-election, especially amidst strained relations with Muslim Americans who disapprove of U.S. support for Israel. With prominent former New Jersey attorneys general and U.S. attorneys expressing their support for Mangi, the White House is making a push to secure the confirmation by highlighting endorsements from law enforcement organizations. The administration is counting on strong backing from the Muslim American community in the upcoming elections, making Mangi’s confirmation crucial.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Mangi in a party-line vote, but he still requires the support of 50 senators for confirmation. While no Republicans have indicated their support, some have not disclosed their voting intentions. Republicans have criticized Mangi for his association with an event featuring a speaker who pleaded guilty to assisting a designated terrorist group, leading to questions about his judgment. With the Senate evenly divided, Mangi’s fate rests on securing support from across the aisle.

As Democrats have limited control over the Senate, Mangi’s confirmation becomes even more critical within the coming months. The dilemma facing Biden is whether to withdraw Mangi’s nomination to facilitate the confirmation of another nominee or continue to fight for his approval. Despite attacks and Islamophobic accusations from Republicans, the White House remains steadfast in its support for Mangi. The contentious confirmation process underscores the challenges of securing approval for a Muslim American judicial nominee in a divided Senate.

With opposition from key Democratic senators like Manchin and Cortez Masto, Mangi’s confirmation prospects appear slim. The need for Republican support becomes crucial, requiring senators like Lisa Murkowski to evaluate his nomination. The uncertainty surrounding Mangi’s confirmation raises questions about the future of his nomination and the broader implications for Biden’s judicial appointments. As the battle over Mangi’s confirmation intensifies, the Senate faces a pivotal decision that could shape the composition of the federal judiciary.

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