Dating apps can be a nightmare, filled with bots, dead-end chats, and unsolicited explicit messages. Readers recently shared the worst first messages they received on dating apps, including requests for English phrases, references to drug-making, and offers to step on faces. Other messages were simply confusing or offensive, leaving recipients feeling uncomfortable and creeped out. Some messages were overly sexual or vulgar, creating an immediate turn-off for those looking for meaningful connections. Dating coaches and experts emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries and avoiding inappropriate messages.

In one case, a man asked detailed, personal questions in a first message that were not included on the recipient’s profile, indicating he had likely stalked her online. This behavior was unsettling and invasive, leading the recipient to feel creeped out and opt not to respond. Other messages were overly complimentary, only to result in immediate unmatching or ghosting. Many recipients expressed frustration with messages that lacked substance or were overtly sexual, making it difficult to establish a genuine connection. Dating apps can be challenging enough without having to navigate through inappropriate or unsettling messages.

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