Zendaya, a talented actress, has always impressed with her impeccable style during press tours. She recently kicked off the press tour for her upcoming film, “Challengers,” in Sydney, Australia, with another tennis-themed look. For a promo event, she wore a custom-made athletic crop top and shorts set by Lacoste’s creative director, Pelagia Kolotouros. Her stylist, Law Roach, shared a closer look at the outfit on his Instagram Story, highlighting the coordinating see-through netted skirt layered over briefs-style underwear. Zendaya accessorized with statement jewelry from Bulgari and crystal-covered pumps, completing the look with her newly blonde hair in a messy bun.

In addition to the sporty-meets-glam outfit, Zendaya also paid tribute to tennis at the Australian premiere of “Challengers.” She arrived in a long, sparkly green dress custom-designed by Loewe, featuring a bold graphic of a tennis player holding a racket. This nod to the sport added an extra touch of authenticity to her promotional look. Zendaya’s commitment to embodying the essence of her characters while promoting her projects is evident in her recent style choices. Prior to embracing tenniscore for “Challengers,” she embraced a futuristic “Dune”-inspired aesthetic, wearing a full Mugler robot suit and glow-in-the-dark skirt set on the red carpet.

As the promotion for “Challengers” continues, Zendaya is sure to maintain her impressive style choices and channel the essence of her character. With the film scheduled to hit theaters on April 26, fans can expect to see more of Zendaya’s creative and thematic fashion choices in the weeks leading up to the release date. Whether she’s embodying futuristic elements or paying tribute to sports, Zendaya’s versatile style and commitment to character representation are always evident in her fashion statements during press tours. The actress continues to impress with her unique and bold fashion choices that reflect the spirit of the projects she is promoting.

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