San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has been a great value for the team with his current contract, despite being ranked 60th among quarterbacks in total value. However, after his impressive performance last season, where he finished with the No. 1 QBR in the NFL and was an MVP finalist, the team will likely have to invest heavily in him once he becomes eligible for a new deal after the 2024 season. 49ers owner Jed York is not worried about this investment, stating that the quarterback position is the most important in football and Purdy’s success is a good problem to have.

York is confident that the team will be able to handle Purdy’s new contract, stating that it won’t be difficult to sign the check when the time comes. He acknowledges that the quarterback market has skyrocketed, with several quarterbacks making over $40 million annually, and Purdy is building a strong case to be paid big money. Despite finishing fifth in passing yards and third in passing touchdowns in 2023, Purdy will need to show consistent good play through the 2024 season to solidify his case for a lucrative extension.

The 49ers are excited for Purdy’s potential growth, as he will have a full offseason to work with the team for the first time. Head coach Kyle Shanahan is looking forward to working closely with Purdy, noting that he didn’t have much opportunity to do so in previous seasons due to various circumstances. With Purdy fully healthy and coming off a strong season, the team sees great potential for him to further improve and elevate his game.

The quarterback market in the NFL has seen a significant increase in salaries, with four quarterbacks currently making over $50 million annually and eight more making at least $40 million annually. This trend is likely to continue, making it even more crucial for the 49ers to plan for Purdy’s future contract. While the specifics of the deal will be handled by the team’s management, York trusts in their ability to navigate the financial aspects, emphasizing the importance of compensating top quarterbacks appropriately.

Overall, the 49ers are optimistic about Purdy’s future and the potential for him to be one of the highest-paid players in the league. With his impressive performance, strong work ethic, and upcoming offseason to improve, Purdy is on track to secure a substantial contract extension in the coming years. The team is committed to supporting his development and building a winning team around him, recognizing the crucial role that a top quarterback plays in the success of a football team.

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