Christina Ricci opened up about the challenges of balancing her work and family life while filming the second season of “Yellowjackets.” She revealed that her busy shooting schedule prevented her from bonding with her infant daughter, Cleopatra, during that time. Ricci, who shares Cleopatra with her husband Mark Hampton and has a son, Freddie, from her previous marriage, explained that her children do not enjoy it when she has to travel for work. She also mentioned that the expenses of bringing her family along on work trips can be prohibitive.

While Ricci struggles to take her daughter with her on work trips, she has found ways to include her son, Freddie, who is now older, in her work life. Ricci shared that she learned the importance of blending her work and family life with her son and wondered why he couldn’t accompany her on weekends to experience her work. She regrets that her son was never sleep-trained because she had to return to work when he was just two months old. Additionally, Ricci criticized her ex-husband James Heerdegen for not being supportive and shared how she had to co-sleep with Freddie to get enough rest to work the next day.

Despite the challenges, Ricci praised her current husband, Mark Hampton, for his support when she returned to work after giving birth to Cleopatra. She shared that Hampton took care of their daughter all night while she was working on a project in Romania, making her return to work much easier. Ricci emphasized the importance of having a supportive partner in balancing work and family responsibilities. She contrasted Hampton’s support with her ex-husband’s lack of assistance, pointing out the stark difference it made in her ability to handle work and parenting.

Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen finalized their divorce in December 2022 after separating in July 2020. Ricci also obtained a domestic violence restraining order against Heerdegen. She remarried hairstylist Mark Hampton in October 2021, and they welcomed their daughter Cleopatra in December of that year. The Emmy nominee expressed her gratitude for Hampton’s support in helping her navigate the challenges of being a working mother. Ricci’s candid revelations shed light on the struggles faced by many working parents in finding a balance between their professional and personal lives. She highlights the importance of having a supportive partner and finding ways to include children in a parent’s work life when possible, emphasizing the need for a flexible and understanding approach to managing work and family responsibilities.

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