Georgia Hunter is overwhelmed by the fact that her family’s story of surviving the Holocaust has been adapted into the Hulu limited series “We Were the Lucky Ones.” The show, starring Logan Lerman as her grandfather Addy and Joey King as his little sister Halina, follows the journey of five Polish siblings trying to survive and reunite their family during World War II. Hunter expressed her disbelief and joy at the premiere of the show, describing the experience as surreal and wonderful.

Lerman highlighted the importance of sharing the true story of “We Were the Lucky Ones” with the world. He emphasized the significance of portraying real stories of survival during the Holocaust, rather than fictional accounts that may exploit the subject matter. Lerman found the perspective of his character, a refugee seeking refuge in various countries, particularly compelling and essential for viewers to see on screen.

King shared her experience of bringing Halina to life on screen, describing her character as multifaceted and unique. She emphasized the strength, bravery, and humor that Halina displayed despite facing darkness and challenging circumstances. King felt honored to portray such a complex character and highlighted the importance of showcasing characters like Halina who were strong in the face of adversity.

Lerman and King discussed the brother-sister bond they portrayed on screen, attributing the chemistry to their pre-existing friendship. They spent months shooting the series together, which further strengthened their bond and allowed them to bring authenticity to their characters’ relationship. Their connection off-screen translated into a palpable bond between Addy and Halina on screen.

Erica Lipez, the showrunner, writer, and executive producer of the series, discussed the importance of continuing to tell stories about the Holocaust. She emphasized the need to educate current and future generations about the realities of the Holocaust, as Holocaust denial and anti-semitism are still prevalent issues today. Lipez highlighted the importance of understanding how such atrocities can occur and the value of keeping these stories alive.

Robin Weigert, who plays the matriarch of the Kurc family in the series, shared a similar perspective on the importance of storytelling about the Holocaust. She noted that younger generations may not fully grasp the horrors inflicted upon Jews during World War II and expressed the importance of evoking empathy and understanding through storytelling. Weigert praised the series for focusing on the experiences of young people during the war and the emotional impact it has on viewers.

Overall, the cast and creators of “We Were the Lucky Ones” emphasized the importance of portraying real stories of survival during the Holocaust and educating audiences about the atrocities that occurred. The show aims to shed light on untold perspectives of this dark period in history, highlighting the resilience, strength, and bravery of individuals like the Kurc siblings. Through their performances and storytelling, the cast and crew hope to honor the memory of those who lived through these traumatic events and inspire empathy and understanding in viewers.

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