Last year, actress Penélope Cruz and Laura Fernández Espeso, CEO of Madrid-based Mediapro Studio, formed a joint production venture called Moonlyon. Their partnership aims to provide opportunities for new writers, actors, and directors, with a focus on supporting talented women in the industry. Cruz and Fernández Espeso first met while working on the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” in 2008, a project produced by Grup Mediapro, the parent company of Mediapro Studio.

Fernández Espeso is known for her focus on increasing diversity in the media industry, both in terms of content and talent. She has led efforts to make Mediapro Studio productions more marketable internationally by filming in English and recruiting talent from outside of Spain. Her vision for the company includes expanding its presence into new territories such as Uruguay, Canada, and China through strategic partnerships and co-productions.

With a career that has taken her from London to Brussels to Los Angeles and back to Madrid, Fernández Espeso’s experiences in various cultural settings have influenced her leadership style at Mediapro Studio. She has been instrumental in the studio’s growth in international TV production, including collaborations with streaming services and the production of high-quality content like “The Young Pope” and “The Good Boss.”

As the CEO of Mediapro Studio, Fernández Espeso is now focused on further expansion into English-speaking markets, particularly the U.S., and strengthening operations in Latin America. The studio plans to increase its film production output to meet the demand from streaming services, with a focus on creating content in both Spanish and English.

Fernández Espeso’s background in working with renowned directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Ken Loach has informed her approach to content creation at Mediapro Studio. She played a key role in Spain’s TV revolution, which began before the success of “Money Heist” on Netflix, and has led to a surge in popularity for Spanish content internationally.

At Mediapro Studio, Fernández Espeso is committed to promoting diversity and equality within the industry. The studio has implemented initiatives such as a screenwriting Master’s program to train and support new talent, with a focus on increasing representation of women in leadership roles. Fernández Espeso believes in the power of storytelling to shape perceptions and is dedicated to ensuring that the studio’s content reflects a diverse range of voices and perspectives.

Overall, Laura Fernández Espeso’s leadership at Mediapro Studio has been marked by a focus on innovation, collaboration, and diversity. She has positioned the studio for continued growth in both TV and film production, with plans to expand further into global markets. Through her efforts to support emerging talent and create inclusive content, she is making a significant impact on the media industry in Spain and beyond.

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