The success rates of quarterbacks drafted in the top 10 picks in the NFL draft are explored in this newsletter. The author looks at criteria such as starts, wins, signing a second contract, longevity, and playoff wins to categorize these quarterbacks as stars, starters, major reaches, or major busts. The data shows that drafting a quarterback in the top 10 has produced a starter around 60% of the time, making it a valuable strategy. However, the success rate drops significantly if the No. 1 pick is excluded.

The newsletter also discusses the success rate of quarterbacks drafted after the No. 1 pick in the draft. Historically, the No. 1 pick has a higher success rate compared to picks 2 through 10. The success rate for quarterbacks drafted in these positions falls just under 50%, indicating that only one out of the likely three quarterbacks mentioned in this year’s draft is expected to succeed at a high level in the NFL.

In terms of mock drafts for the NFL 2024 season, various scenarios are explored. The New England Patriots are looking for a new quarterback, the Los Angeles Chargers are trading down to add depth to their team, and the Dallas Cowboys are focused on rebuilding their offensive line. These mock drafts offer insights into potential strategies teams may adopt in the upcoming draft to address their needs and improve their roster.

The newsletter also covers recent developments in the NFL, such as quarterback prospect Michael Penix impressing at his pro day and potential interest from teams like the Washington Commanders and the New England Patriots. The Chicago Bears have made changes in coaching staff in an effort to improve the team’s performance, while the New York Jets face reports of infighting, which owner Woody Johnson denies.

In the “Jacob’s Picks” section, recommendations for further reading or content consumption are provided. These include stories about Jason Kelce’s potential landing spots, the factors influencing the success of first round quarterbacks, and the upcoming market for wide receivers in the NFL. Readers are encouraged to share the newsletter with someone they enjoy competing with in fantasy football.

Overall, the newsletter provides insights into the success rates of top drafted quarterbacks, mock drafts for the upcoming NFL season, recent developments in the league, and recommendations for further reading. The data and analysis presented offer fans and readers a deeper understanding of the NFL draft process and the potential impact on teams and players.

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