Before his return game in Philadelphia, LA Clippers point guard James Harden listened to teammate P.J. Tucker address the media about what to expect from the crowd. Harden played 102 games for the 76ers and was met with mixed feelings from fans due to his departure. Harden opted into his final year of the contract and demanded a trade to the Clippers, leading to anticipation of a hostile reception in Philadelphia. Despite the uncertainty, Harden acknowledged that he was prepared for whatever reaction he received.

As Harden went through his pregame routine, fans were eager to capture the moment on camera. The boos were teased during player introductions, and Philadelphia fans quickly made their feelings known once the game started. Harden missed a free throw to the satisfaction of the crowd and faced jeers throughout the game. Despite the negative reception, Harden remained unfazed, having experienced booing in previous locations as well.

The game featured a 15-point comeback win for the Clippers, with Harden contributing 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 14 assists. Harden reflected on the boos he received, expressing confusion over the reason behind them. He cited sacrifices he made for the 76ers, including taking less money and playing a lesser role, but ultimately felt a loss of trust within the organization. Harden also addressed his relationship with former teammates and his future goals with the Clippers, emphasizing his gratitude for the opportunity to play in Philadelphia.

Harden stated that he does not see a day when he could reconcile with 76ers president Daryl Morey and revealed that he does not have a relationship with Joel Embiid. Despite the booing, Harden expressed pride in his connections with the city of Philadelphia, including friendships with local figures and support from his current teammates. Moving forward, Harden remains focused on winning a championship with the Clippers, appreciative of the relationships he formed during his time in Philadelphia.

Teammate Paul George supported Harden during his return game, highlighting the challenges of facing a former team. Harden can now focus on his goal of winning a championship with the Clippers and move past the booing he experienced in Philadelphia. Harden left Wells Fargo Center with a sense of gratitude for the relationships he built in the city, emphasizing the importance of cherishing those connections as he continues his basketball journey.

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