Brittany Snow recently watched an episode of “Selling the O.C.” to see her ex-husband Tyler Stanaland and his castmates’ flirtatious behavior. Despite feeling emotional during the episode, Snow now finds the situation insane and funny and can laugh about it. Stanaland, who was married to Snow when he joined the cast of the show, faced drama from co-star Kayla Cardona for trying to kiss him. However, it was his flirtation with Alex Hall that consistently made headlines. The pair eventually shared their feelings for each other and kissed in a hot tub on the show.

Snow announced her separation from Stanaland on Instagram in September 2022, stating that the decision was made with love and mutual respect. She filed for divorce in January 2023, and the proceedings were finalized six months later. By this time, Stanaland had seemingly moved on by going to Dubai with Hall. Snow admitted that watching the show has been shocking for her, as she had never met Stanaland’s co-stars and felt like she did not have a handle on reality. She acknowledged that she had instincts but didn’t trust them, trying to release her anger and give herself grace for not being fully aware of the situation.

Despite the difficult situation, Snow does not regret anything that happened in her relationship with Stanaland, as there was a marriage and a lot of love between them. In October 2023, it was reported that Stanaland exited “Selling the O.C.” to work with his father, John Stanaland. Stanaland and Hall appear to have broken up, with Hall accusing him of disappearing in a trailer for Season 3 of the show. Hall has been seen kissing a mystery man, suggesting that she has moved on from her relationship with Stanaland.

Snow expressed that she has made peace with the situation and is working on releasing her anger to move forward. She mentioned that she tried to see the situation from every side and give herself grace for not understanding all aspects of it while she was in love. While watching the show may have been shocking for Snow, she is in a place where she can reflect on it with humor. Despite the challenges, Snow remains optimistic about the future and focuses on living her most fulfilling and authentic life. She is grateful for the love she experienced during her relationship with Stanaland and is looking forward to new beginnings.

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