Grant Weber, the athletics coordinator for the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department in Iowa, oversees the youth basketball program and has noticed a trend among kids wanting to wear the number 22 on their jerseys, inspired by Caitlin Clark, a college basketball sensation playing for Iowa. Girls in Iowa are particularly excited about Clark, with a 35 percent increase in participation in basketball programs. Clark’s impact is felt not only in her skillset but also in the way she is idolized by young fans who aspire to shoot logo 3s like her.

Lennon Rink, a 6-year-old girl and avid Caitlin Clark fan, underwent chemotherapy for a genetic disorder that caused tumors on her optic nerves. She has become a superfan of Clark, watching her games, drawing pictures of her, and even practicing shooting hoops in the backyard. Lennon’s parents have made sure she experiences the joy of watching Clark play and even got her autograph, providing her with memorable experiences that bring her happiness and inspiration.

In Coralville, Iowa, two friends created a shooting game based on Caitlin Clark’s name, showcasing the impact Clark has on young basketball fans. Parents like Bryan Goettel have seen their daughters, like 12-year-old Addy, inspired by Clark’s skill and passion for the game. Clark’s influence goes beyond scoring, as she is known for her passing skills, inspiring young players like Macy Comito to improve their floor vision and passing abilities, in addition to shooting like their idol.

Jensen Flaws, a 3-year-old girl, has shown interest in basketball from a young age, inspired by Caitlin Clark’s playing style. Jensen’s father, a high school girls basketball coach, has witnessed the influence Clark has on young fans, with many aspiring to shoot deep 3-pointers like her. Clark’s impact on young players like Jensen and Addy extends to their families and communities, shaping the way basketball is viewed and played in Iowa.

Even senior citizens in Iowa have taken note of Caitlin Clark’s talent and have requested to watch her games at the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department. Clark’s presence in the local community has sparked excitement and admiration among fans of all ages. Coaches and parents recognize the significance of Clark’s playing style and leadership qualities, inspiring a new generation of basketball players in Iowa. As Clark continues to showcase her skills on the court, her influence on fans, from young girls to senior citizens, remains prominent and impactful.

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