In the second mock draft of the offseason, the Los Angeles Chargers have made significant changes to their roster under coach Jim Harbaugh and general manager Joe Hortiz. They have addressed their cap situation by releasing several key players and bringing in new signings through free agency. As the NFL Draft approaches, the Chargers are looking to rebuild their roster based on their recent moves.

In this mock draft scenario, the Chargers make a trade with the Minnesota Vikings to acquire additional picks. With the 11th overall pick, they select Taliese Fuaga, an offensive lineman from Oregon State. Fuaga’s physical and aggressive playing style fits well with the Chargers’ offensive strategy. In the later rounds, the Chargers address key positions such as cornerback, wide receiver, defensive line, running back, linebacker, center, safety, tight end, and wide receiver with their selections.

In the first round, with the 23rd overall pick acquired from the Vikings, the Chargers select Nate Wiggins, a cornerback from Clemson. Wiggins has the athletic traits and skills that align with the Chargers’ defensive needs. The Chargers add depth to their receiving corps in the second round by picking wide receiver Adonai Mitchell from Texas. Mitchell brings excellent speed and route-running abilities to the team.

In the third round, the Chargers select Kris Jenkins, a defensive lineman from Michigan, to bolster their interior defensive line. Jenkins’ motor and pass rush skills make him a valuable addition to the team. The Chargers address their running back depth in the fourth round by drafting Audric Estimé from Notre Dame. Estimé is a physical back with strong pass protection skills, fitting the Chargers’ desire to establish a strong running game.

In the later rounds, the Chargers add linebacker Tommy Eichenberg from Ohio State, center Tanor Bortolini from Wisconsin, safety Josh Proctor from Ohio State, tight end Mason Pline from Furman, and wide receiver Cornelius Johnson from Michigan. These selections provide depth and competition at key positions on the roster.

Overall, the Chargers’ mock draft focuses on filling holes in their roster with talented players who fit their playing style. The team looks to build a competitive and well-rounded roster under the leadership of Harbaugh and Hortiz. While the draft remains unpredictable, this mock draft provides a glimpse into the Chargers’ potential strategy and priorities as they prepare for the upcoming NFL season.

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