Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali has been charged with misconduct for an additional 50 alleged betting offenses by the Football Association (FA). This comes on top of a 10-month ban he is currently serving for breaching gambling rules imposed by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). The new charges relate to placing bets on football matches during the first two months of the 2023-24 season and contravene Rule E8 of the FA’s regulations.

The FA has charged Tonali with 50 counts of placing bets on football matches between August and October 2023, after his transfer from AC Milan to Newcastle. This is separate from the charges he faced in Italy, which covered multiple seasons. The ban imposed by the FIGC included a rehabilitation program, therapy, and public appearances at amateur clubs and addiction charities. Tonali’s agent previously stated that his client was suffering from a “gambling illness.”

Newcastle has expressed support for Tonali and stated that he continues to cooperate with the investigations. The club believes that his return to playing or ability to train will not be affected by the new charges. Tonali has been training with the first-team squad and working on improving his athleticism and tactical understanding. He has also been attending Newcastle’s matches, but restrictions apply to certain areas of the stadium due to his suspension.

The specifics of the games Tonali allegedly bet on have not been disclosed, and it is unclear whether the charges include games he played in for Newcastle or Italy. The potential extension of Tonali’s ban will depend on the nature of the new alleged offenses and whether they will be served concurrently or consecutively with his current ban. The FA’s investigation will reveal more details once concluded.

Tonali’s camp has not issued any statements regarding the new charges. His representatives have been approached for comment, but there has been no response so far. In the past, Tonali’s agent emphasized his client’s commitment to overcoming his gambling issues and thanked Newcastle for their support during the difficult time. Tonali has been a visible presence at the training ground and has been actively participating in his rehabilitation program.

The latest developments do not change Newcastle’s immediate plans, as they were already prepared to be without Tonali until next season. However, the ongoing issues add to the club’s challenges on and off the field, including injuries, inconsistent form, and financial constraints. Tonali’s absence has affected the team’s midfield dynamics, and his potential return in the future could impact their summer transfer plans. The focus now shifts to Tonali’s mindset and how he copes with this setback during a turbulent season for both him and Newcastle.

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