Disney has integrated Hulu into the Disney+ app in the U.S., offering subscribers a seamless viewing experience with both services. The move is aimed at increasing engagement with both platforms and reducing cancelation rates. Standalone Disney+ subscribers will now see Hulu content promoted within the app, with new upgrade options available to entice them to add Hulu to their subscription. The bundle plans for both services cost $9.99/month with ads and $19.99/month without ads.

To promote the Hulu on Disney+ integration, Disney is launching a marketing campaign featuring out-of-home placements, custom broadcast and digital ads, and other experiential activities. The company aims to convey the message that Disney+ and Hulu are better together and are now available for one price. The Disney+ logo has been updated with a new color scheme and audio mark to reflect the integration of Hulu.

While Disney does not disclose specific subscriber numbers for its streaming bundles, the initial beta launch of Hulu on Disney+ exceeded expectations in terms of engagement metrics. Both services offer a diverse range of content, including licensed shows and original programming, which will now be featured within the Disney+ app. Some Hulu titles, however, remain unavailable on Disney+ due to content licensing restrictions.

The launch of Hulu on Disney+ is considered a significant evolution for the streaming service and will serve as a model for future strategic projects. The integration of Hulu into Disney+ may pave the way for similar mergers in other regions, such as the upcoming merger of Star+ into Disney+ in Latin America. While live channels from Hulu + Live TV will not be available on Disney+ for now, the technology supports the delivery of live channels.

Disney encourages Disney+ subscribers to create profiles for each family member to ensure appropriate content access, especially with the addition of adult-oriented fare from Hulu. Eligible subscribers have already created millions of secondary profiles since the beta launch of Hulu on Disney+. Overall, a majority of adult profiles on Disney+ are set to the maximum content rating, allowing access to the full catalog of Hulu on Disney+ content.

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