Former NFL player Eric Decker finally decided to undergo a vasectomy after years of avoiding the procedure, following the birth of his fourth child with his wife Jessie James Decker. Jessie had been vocal about her desire for Eric to get a vasectomy since 2021, but he had been hesitant, fearing it would affect his masculinity. However, after their fourth child was born, Eric finally went through with the procedure and updated his Instagram followers on his progress.

Jessie James Decker has been open about her family planning intentions, making it clear that she did not want to have any more children after their fourth. She was surprised by the news of her fourth pregnancy and felt like they were already done having kids. However, their son Denver was born in February, joining his older siblings Vivianne, Eric Jr., and Forrest. Despite the unexpected addition, Jessie remained adamant that they were not planning on expanding their family any further.

Eric Decker’s vasectomy comes following a similar decision made by another celebrity couple, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma. Matthew underwent a vasectomy before the arrival of their fourth child, and he documented the process on Instagram Stories, recommending it to others. Both couples seem to have made a conscious decision to put a stop to future pregnancy plans, with the vasectomy being a final step in their family planning journey.

The social media updates from Eric Decker showed him sleeping off the surgery, icing himself with a bag of frozen peas, and enjoying a drink. His wife, Jessie, jokingly commented on the post, indicating that she was supportive of his decision to finally go through with the vasectomy. Despite his initial hesitation, Eric seemed to have come to terms with the procedure, making light of the situation on social media and sharing his experience with his followers.

Jessie James Decker has been candid about her family life on social media, sharing updates about her children and her marriage with her followers. The couple’s decision to undergo a vasectomy reflects a common choice made by many families after reaching their desired number of children. By openly discussing their family planning decisions, they are able to relate to their audience and provide insight into the realities of parenthood. The vasectomy decision marks a significant milestone in their family journey, bringing their family planning efforts to a close.

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