French TV giant Banijay is facing another departure in its C-suite, with COO Peter Langenberg set to leave on March 31. Langenberg, who has been with the company for eight years, will continue to work with Banijay in the ESG space on a consultancy basis. The reasons for his departure were not disclosed, but Langenberg expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with talented leaders and producers within the company and help it grow exponentially during his tenure.

Langenberg was appointed as COO in November 2016, bringing to the role significant experience from his previous positions at Warner Bros International TV Production and R&D Media Holding. CEO Marco Bassetti praised Langenberg for his contributions to the company’s growth and operations, highlighting his role in key projects such as the joint venture with Banijay Asia and Endemol Shine India, the launch of Banijay Germany, and the Endemol Shine Group integration project management. Langenberg was also instrumental in setting up Banijay’s ESG strategy, which he will continue to work on with the newly appointed ESG Director, Edouard Minc.

The departure of Langenberg comes on the heels of Owain Walbyoff stepping down as COO from Banijay just five weeks ago, as well as the earlier departure of global head of scripted, Christian Wikander, earlier this year. These changes in the executive team at Banijay signal a period of transition and restructuring within the company. Despite the departures, Banijay remains committed to its growth and expansion across various territories, with a focus on driving positive change through its ESG initiatives.

Langenberg expressed his excitement for the new challenge and opportunity to continue working with his colleagues on consultancy basis, emphasizing the importance of ESG in the content industry and the role it plays in driving tangible, positive change. As Banijay’s footprint continues to expand globally, the company is keen on ensuring that its operations align with ESG principles and contribute to a sustainable future. Collaborating with the new ESG Director, Langenberg aims to further develop and implement the company’s ESG strategy for long-term success.

While the reasons for Langenberg’s departure were not disclosed, his departure marks a significant change within Banijay’s leadership team. As the company navigates through this period of transition, it remains focused on driving growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving media landscape. With key executive positions being vacated, Banijay will need to strategically fill these roles to maintain its position as one of the largest European studios and continue its expansion into new markets. Despite the challenges, Banijay is poised to overcome these obstacles and emerge stronger, with a renewed focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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