Selena Gomez is stepping out of her home kitchen and into the professional cooking world in her new show “Selena + Restaurant.” The debut of this series will feature Gomez and her best friend, Raquelle Stevens, working with chefs in Los Angeles restaurants such as Ms Chi, Alta, Girl & the Goat, Moo’s Craft Barbecue, CUT, and Lemon Grove. Unlike her previous show, “Selena + Chef,” which was shot virtually over Zoom, “Selena + Restaurant” will have Gomez physically present in the restaurants.

One of the unique aspects of “Selena + Restaurant” is that Gomez will not only be learning to cook from professional chefs but will also try to create a signature dish good enough to be placed on the restaurant’s menu. Each chef featured on the show will also choose a charity to receive a donation, similar to how it was done on “Selena + Chef.” The premiere episode will see Gomez at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where she must pass a test before creating her take on a spicy seafood dish.

Gomez expressed her excitement about stepping into the world of professional kitchens after cooking virtually for the past four years. Food Network chief Betsy Ayala praised Gomez for her growth in the kitchen, stating that her transition to a restaurant environment is a natural progression of her culinary education. The show will showcase Gomez’s culinary journey and skills as she navigates the challenges of working in a restaurant setting.

“Selena + Restaurant” is produced by Gomez for July Moon Productions, with executive producers Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman from The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC) and showrunner Shauna Minoprio and Melissa Stokes. The series is set to premiere with two back-to-back episodes on May 2 on Food Network and HBO Max. Viewers can expect to see Gomez take on new challenges and push herself to expand her cooking skills outside of her comfort zone.

This new series marks a significant shift for Gomez as she transitions from the familiar setting of her own kitchen to professional restaurant kitchens. The show promises to be an exciting and entertaining journey as Gomez works alongside top chefs to create signature dishes and support charitable causes. With a strong production team behind her, Gomez is set to impress viewers with her culinary growth and the experiences she gains in the restaurant environment. Fans can look forward to seeing Gomez’s growth and development as a chef in this new and exciting series.

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