The Baltimore Orioles ushered in a new era on Opening Day with the introduction of a new ownership group led by Baltimore native David Rubenstein. The team is coming off a successful season, with a strong on-field roster and a top farm system in baseball. Rubenstein’s goal is to invest in the team, provide resources for the front office, resolve long-standing disputes, and create a year-round destination around Camden Yards. As a proud product of Baltimore, Rubenstein understands the city’s unique challenges and opportunities and hopes the Orioles can play a role in unifying the community and returning to greatness.

Governor Wes Moore introduced Rubenstein at the press conference, emphasizing the importance of the Orioles to the city as a symbol of its soul and resilience. This sentiment was particularly poignant in the wake of a tragic bridge collapse earlier in the week that claimed lives and highlighted the healing power of baseball. The new ownership group, which includes Ares Management co-founder/CEO Michael Arougheti, shares a commitment to bringing a World Series championship back to Baltimore and advancing the franchise and neighborhood. The 2024 Orioles team has high expectations and the potential to begin a new dynasty, with the ability to leave a lasting impact on the city.

The Orioles’ successful Opening Day victory over the Angels was a promising start to the season, with standout performances from new ace Corbin Burnes and the team’s young stars. Fans were energized by the optimism surrounding the team’s future and the potential for a successful season. Rubenstein expressed his desire for the team to reach new heights, with the ultimate goal of winning a World Series and uniting the city in celebration. The new ownership group is focused on creating a culture of winning and excellence, leveraging their deep ties to Baltimore and commitment to civic responsibility.

As the Orioles embark on their “Next Chapter,” there is a sense of excitement and anticipation within the city of Baltimore. The team’s strong start and promising outlook have generated a renewed sense of hope and pride among fans, who see the potential for a return to greatness. Rubenstein’s vision for the team includes building on its past successes, revitalizing the fan base, and solidifying the Orioles’ place as a key pillar of the community. With a dedicated ownership group, talented roster, and supportive fan base, the Orioles are poised for a bright future filled with possibilities and potential for championship success.

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