Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has denied rumors that she began dating her jiu-jitsu trainer Joaquim Valente before her divorce from Tom Brady in October 2022. She refuted claims of an affair, stating that women often face accusations of infidelity when leaving unhealthy relationships. Bündchen emphasized that only the two people in a relationship truly know what occurs between them, and she defended her decision to end her marriage.

While Bündchen and Valente first met in December 2021, they reportedly did not start dating until June 2023. Despite a long-standing friendship, the couple faced scrutiny over the timeline of their relationship, with some speculating that their connection began earlier. Sources close to Brady suggested that he may not agree with the timeline that Bündchen and Valente have chosen to publicize, but he respects their relationship for the sake of their children.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady share two children, Benjamin and Vivian, and Brady also has a son from a previous relationship. Bündchen has emphasized the importance of having Valente in their lives as a teacher and role model, emphasizing the positive energy he brings to their family. While there were previous denials of a romantic relationship between Bündchen and Valente, she has since confirmed that they are indeed in a romantic relationship that began as a friendship.

Bündchen expressed that her current relationship with Valente is different as he was a friend first, highlighting the honesty and transparency in their connection. Despite some skepticism and rumors surrounding the timeline of their romance, Bündchen is open about their love and how it has developed over time. The supermodel faced backlash and scrutiny over her divorce from Brady and subsequent relationship with Valente, emphasizing the challenges that women often face in such situations.

Despite the speculation and public scrutiny, Gisele Bündchen remains steadfast in her defense of her decisions and her relationship with Joaquim Valente. She has chosen to be open about their romance and the evolution of their friendship into love. While there may be differing opinions on the timeline of their relationship, Bündchen remains focused on the positive impact that Valente has had on her life and that of her children, highlighting the importance of trust and admiration in their connection.

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