Hernan Lopez, former 21st Century Fox executive and founder of podcasting company Wondery in 2016, has started a consulting firm called Owl & Co. The firm aims to provide data-driven analysis to help media and entertainment companies navigate the transition to the streaming era. Lopez has focused on studying the streaming content marketplace, analyzing viewership and spending data to determine the return on investment for TV series and movies. This comes at a time when Hollywood executives are increasingly scrutinizing production costs in light of the booming Peak TV era.

One of Lopez’s initial clients at Owl & Co. is North Road Co., a film and TV production and distribution company founded by Peter Chernin. Chernin, who was previously Lopez’s boss at Fox, has enlisted Lopez’s consulting services to enhance economic value in the company’s business model. Lopez believes that the industry is at an inflection point, with companies reevaluating their slates and looking for ways to drive economic value. The availability of viewership data from platforms like Netflix is leading to greater transparency in the industry.

Owl & Co. marks Lopez’s new chapter after facing legal battles with federal prosecutors in New York who accused him of bribery and conspiracy in TV rights deals for soccer leagues during his time at Fox International Channels. Lopez was convicted in 2020, but the decision was overturned in March 2023 due to insufficient evidence. Lopez maintains his innocence and is eager to move forward from the ordeal. He sees a bright future ahead for his consulting firm and is focused on leaving the past behind.

Originally from Argentina, Lopez spent nearly two decades at Fox, where he played a significant role in the company’s international expansion strategy through the Fox International Channels division. He was also instrumental in launching MundoFox, a short-lived Spanish-language network. Lopez left Fox in 2016 to start Wondery, a podcast network that was later acquired by Amazon in 2020. He attributes his comfort with data analysis to his time at Fox, where he was encouraged to leverage research and viewing patterns to inform business decisions.

Lopez’s entrepreneurial background at Fox has equipped him with the skills to delve into data and provide high-level analysis for decision-making in the unpredictable entertainment industry. He believes there are vast opportunities to assist various players in the industry with data-driven insights. Despite the challenges he faced with legal issues, Lopez remains optimistic about the future and is excited to focus on helping media and entertainment businesses adapt to the streaming landscape. Lopez’s consulting firm, Owl & Co., represents his commitment to providing valuable analysis and guidance in an industry undergoing significant transformation.

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