The hit HBO series “Euphoria” has seen great success during its two seasons, launching its young cast into stardom and winning multiple Emmys. However, the show has also been marred by controversy. Despite this, the future of the show is currently in limbo as HBO recently announced the delay of production for the upcoming third season. The network and creator Sam Levinson are committed to making an exceptional third season, but there are concerns about conflicting visions for the show’s future.

Levinson, who has full creative control over the show, proposed his vision for the third season, which included a time jump five years into the future for the characters of East Highland High School. While HBO initially thought his pitch was strong, the full scripts did not meet expectations, particularly with show star Zendaya. The actress, who has been successful in the film world, offered significant input into where she would like to see Season 3 go. Levinson was already in overhaul mode due to the loss of actor Angus Cloud and producer Kevin Turen.

After turning in revised scripts, HBO executives were also unsatisfied with the new direction of the show. Various ideas, including a new arc for Zendaya’s character Rue, did not align with the show’s tone. Despite the creative disagreements, HBO explored various options, including Levinson stepping away from the show. However, the show’s cast, including Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Jacob Elordi, are committed to seeing “Euphoria” through to the end with a third season.

Negotiations for the cast’s salaries have been underway, as all three actors earn less on “Euphoria” compared to what they could earn in films. While the show’s fate is uncertain, HBO has freed up the cast for the rest of 2024, with plans to start filming in 2025. The third season may see a reduced number of episodes but could be extended if needed. Levinson is currently revisiting the material as discussions continue with HBO. The network is determined to get one final season of “Euphoria” from Levinson and the cast. The success of Zendaya’s upcoming film may influence the show’s fate, along with the upcoming “Spider-Man 4.”

Despite the potential delays and uncertainties, one thing that is not on the table for “Euphoria” is going into production without completed scripts that everyone is satisfied with. Levinson’s previous project, “The Idol,” was a creative disaster, and HBO is keen to avoid a similar situation with “Euphoria.” The future of the show hangs in the balance as creative discussions and negotiations continue between Levinson, the cast, and HBO. Fans of the show will have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming months.

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