Reality TV star Kyle Richards criticized her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” co-stars for their relentless questioning about her ongoing marital problems with husband Mauricio Umansky. Richards appeared on Kelly Ripa’s podcast and expressed disappointment in how her friends approached her about her struggles, feeling that it lacked empathy and support. She mentioned that she had initially informed the women about her marriage issues at the beginning of the season, feeling overwhelmed by their continuous probing.

Richards felt that if her co-stars had approached her in a more sensitive manner, she would have been more open with them. She highlighted that they were aware of other personal challenges she was facing, including the loss of her best friend, Lorene Shea. Despite this, Richards felt let down by the lack of understanding and support from her co-stars, questioning why they weren’t there for her during a difficult time. She admitted that she had not done anything to harm anyone in the cast and did not understand the lack of compassion she received.

While Richards did not specifically name the cast members who upset her, she previously had confrontations with Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais concerning her marriage on a dramatic episode of “RHOBH.” Stracke accused Richards of dishonesty, while Beauvais speculated about the absence of Richards’ wedding ring. These interactions added to Richards’ frustrations with her co-stars, as she felt they were unfairly targeting her during a vulnerable period in her life. She was especially upset by insinuations that Umansky was unfaithful.

Shortly after the most recent season of “RHOBH” wrapped filming, it was revealed that Richards and Umansky had separated after nearly three decades of marriage. While neither of them has publicly shared the details of their split, Richards hinted at unresolved issues and the erosion of trust in their relationship. She acknowledged that there were events that transpired which led her to lose faith in Umansky, although she did not provide specific examples. The breakdown of their marriage has been a source of speculation among fans of the show.

Overall, Kyle Richards’ experience with her “RHOBH” co-stars highlights the challenges of navigating personal issues in a public forum. The lack of support and understanding from her friends on the show left her feeling isolated and betrayed. While she did not elaborate on all the aspects of her life that were causing distress, it is clear that the combination of marital problems, personal losses, and public scrutiny took a toll on Richards. The aftermath of her separation from Umansky suggests that there were deeper issues at play in their relationship, leading to a difficult and emotional time for the reality TV star.

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