The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has revealed that she has had both men and women slide into her DMs following her split from Mauricio Umansky. While she finds it funny, she also admitted that it was not something that used to happen to her before. She mentioned that there haven’t been any major celebrities expressing interest in her despite the attention from potential suitors.

Richards shared that despite being single, she finds it hard to think about dating again after spending nearly 30 years with Umansky. She acknowledged that the day will come when she is ready to move on as they are currently separated. When that time comes, she hopes to find a connection in person and has no intention of using dating apps to find a new partner.

When asked about her relationship with rumored girlfriend Morgan Wade, Richards gave a non-answer, stating that what people see on the internet is what is chosen to be put out there. She explained that her other female friendships aren’t scrutinized in the same way, implying that the rumors with Wade were linked to the timing of her separation from Umansky.

Richards and Umansky announced their separation in July 2023 after 27 years of marriage. The reason for their split has not been publicly disclosed, but Richards hinted on a podcast that it was due to a culmination of little issues that were left unaddressed for years. She mentioned that they kept sweeping problems under the rug until they were forced to face them, leading to their decision to separate.

The mother of four became emotional while discussing the challenges in her marriage and explained that she had reached her breaking point when it became clear that Umansky wasn’t actively working on fulfilling her needs. She expressed the importance of seeing effort in a relationship and emphasized that life is too short to remain in a situation where those needs are not being met.

Overall, Kyle Richards is navigating life post-separation with an open mind to dating again in the future. She is not rushing into anything and is focused on finding a genuine connection when the time is right. Despite the rumors surrounding her relationship with Morgan Wade, Richards remains firm in her decision to keep her personal life private and not address speculations about her romantic relationships. She continues to focus on her children and herself as she moves forward from her marriage with Umansky.

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