MSNBC president Rashida Jones has been facing backlash after reports surfaced that she was involved in the decision to hire former Republican National Committee boss Ronna McDaniel, who was quickly dropped after a revolt from network talent. Jones has been adamant in trying to clear her name from the controversy and has been described as defensive during a call with talent at the network. Despite media reports suggesting her active participation in the decision, Jones has denied these claims, stating that the media’s lies are distracting from their work.

During the call with talent, Jones addressed the false reporting about her involvement and reiterated that McDaniel was not expected to be on air. This decision was heavily criticized by several NBC anchors, including Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, and the hosts of “Morning Joe.” The backlash eventually led to McDaniel being fired before she could appear on “Meet the Press.” Jones reportedly reached out to talent individually to distance herself from the hire following the controversy.

Jones expressed her support for maintaining editorial independence at MSNBC and emphasized that she had conversations before and after the decision was made. However, sources revealed that Carrie Budoff Brown and Rebecca Blumenstein were the main architects behind McDaniel’s contributor deal, causing chaos within the network. NBCU Universal Chairman, Cesar Conde, took full responsibility for authorizing McDaniel’s hire and apologized to staff for any disappointment caused.

Despite the turmoil, Jones encouraged the MSNBC team to focus on their work and not get distracted by drama. She acknowledged the challenges faced by the network during the controversy but emphasized the importance of staying focused and not letting lies and nonsense erode the strong culture of the organization. She commended the team for their performance and urged them to look ahead and not let external factors affect their work.

The situation at MSNBC has been described as a “battle of the execs throwing each other under the bus,” with Budoff Brown, Blumenstein, and Jones being implicated in the hiring decision. Jones has been portrayed as trying to distance herself from the controversy, but sources suggest that she was looped in on the decision, albeit not as the main driver. Ultimately, the network’s chairman took responsibility for the hire, while Jones urged her team to rise above the drama and focus on their work.

Jones’ handling of the situation was met with mixed reactions, with some sources describing her as defensive and others commending her for addressing the false reporting. The controversy surrounding McDaniel’s hiring and subsequent firing has highlighted tensions within the network and raised questions about editorial independence and decision-making processes. Despite the challenges, Jones remains committed to upholding the values and culture of MSNBC amidst the chaos.

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