West Wilson, a newcomer to “Summer House,” is keeping quiet about the status of his relationship with his co-star turned lover, Ciara Miller. When asked about their relationship during a visit to Page Six’s studio in New York City, Wilson remained coy. He did not confirm or deny his involvement in a double date that Miller mentioned she went on for Valentine’s Day. Wilson cryptically hinted that people celebrate Valentine’s Day on days other than the 14th.

Wilson, a sports journalist, admitted to receiving an overwhelming amount of Instagram DMs since appearing on the show. He expressed that many female Bravo fans have been messaging him, some even stating they would be interested if things didn’t work out with Miller. Wilson appreciated the respect and kindness in the messages, even revealing that a former “Bachelor” contestant recently followed him on social media, though he had not reached out to her yet.

Despite the influx of messages, Wilson admitted that he has been struggling to keep up with responding to everyone. He expressed feeling guilty if he didn’t respond to each message, but acknowledged that it was becoming challenging to do so. Wilson shared that he has been trying to detach himself from caring too much about responding to every message, as it can become overwhelming.

Viewers of “Summer House” have witnessed Wilson and Miller hitting it off since Wilson joined the show in Season 8. The show even aired their first date and first sleepover in a tent. Wilson shared that the response from fans has been positive, and the show continues to air on Bravo on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, with episodes available for streaming on Peacock the following day.

While Wilson did not disclose the current status of his relationship with Miller, he hinted at celebrating Valentine’s Day on alternative dates. He also shared that he has received a significant amount of attention from fans and other reality TV personalities on Instagram. Wilson expressed his struggle in keeping up with responding to all the messages, feeling guilty if he doesn’t respond to each one individually.

The dynamic between Wilson and Miller on the show has captivated viewers, showcasing their chemistry and connection as they navigate their relationship in the “Summer House” setting. Despite the challenges of responding to messages, Wilson remains grateful for the support and admiration he has received from fans. The future of his relationship with Miller and his response to the continued attention on social media remain to be seen as the season progresses.

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