In the 2024 NCAA Tournament, the South Carolina Gamecocks, led by head coach Dawn Staley, are on a revenge mission after losing in the Final Four last year despite an undefeated season. With dominating performances in the first two rounds, winning by 45+ points in each game, the Gamecocks are looking to continue their success in the Sweet 16. Their opponent, the Indiana Hoosiers, are coming off a close win against Oklahoma, with forward Mackenzie Holmes scoring 29 points to lead the team. However, the Hoosiers face a tough challenge in undefeated South Carolina, who are the heavy favorite to win it all this year.

One key matchup to watch in this game is how Indiana will defend against star center Kamilla Cardoso, who stands at 6-foot-7. The Hoosiers do not have a player who matches up well with Cardoso in terms of size, with their tallest players standing at 6-foot-3. Additionally, Indiana ranks 316th nationally in 3-point defense, which could be problematic against South Carolina’s sharpshooters like Te-Hina Paopao, who is shooting 46.7% from beyond the arc. The Hoosiers will need to find a way to limit the Gamecocks’ offensive firepower to have a chance at pulling off an upset.

South Carolina’s bench depth is another factor that could impact the outcome of this game. In their second-round victory, the Gamecocks’ bench scored 51 points, while Indiana’s bench only contributed one point. This disparity in production off the bench highlights the depth and versatility of South Carolina’s roster, making them a formidable opponent for the Hoosiers. Indiana will need to find a way to match the Gamecocks’ bench production and contain their 3-point shooting to stay competitive in this matchup.

The game between South Carolina and Indiana is scheduled to take place in the Albany 1 Region in the Sweet 16, with a tipoff time of 5 p.m. ET on Friday. Fans can watch the game on ESPN or purchase tickets to attend in person. In terms of odds, South Carolina is the favorite to win according to experts and projections. Grace Raynor predicts a victory for South Carolina, while Austin Mock’s statistical models project a score of Indiana 65.3, South Carolina 81.8 based on 1 million simulations of the women’s 2024 NCAA Tournament. Overall, the Gamecocks are expected to continue their dominant run in the tournament and advance to the next round.

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