John Mayer is reportedly annoyed by Scheana Shay’s claims that they once hooked up. Despite Shay’s hints on a recent episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” a source stated that Mayer has never been romantically involved with the reality star. The singer has told several people close to him that he did not hook up with Shay, and he was annoyed when he heard that she had been telling others about this alleged encounter before the episode aired. Mayer apparently wants nothing to do with Shay and did his best to avoid her at a recent party they both attended.

Shay hinted that she was involved in an orgy with an A-list celebrity, believed by many to be Mayer, during a game of “Never Have I Ever” with her castmates. She made references to his song “Your Body is a Wonderland,” although she did not directly name him. During a podcast episode in 2020, Shay shared more details about her supposed past relationship with Mayer, claiming that she started seeing him after his split from Jennifer Aniston, with whom he dated from 2008 to 2009. Shay alleged that she, along with her roommate Stacie Adams, was involved in a “throuple” with Mayer for about six months.

Reps for John Mayer have not provided any comment on the situation. Shay’s assertions about her relationship with Mayer have caused tension between the two, with Mayer reportedly wanting to distance himself from the reality star. Despite Shay’s claims, Mayer has never confirmed any romantic involvement with her. Shay has been open about her experiences with Mayer, discussing them on various platforms, including podcast episodes and reality TV shows. Shay is now happily married to Brock Davies, with whom she has a daughter named Summer Moon.

The allegations made by Scheana Shay have been a topic of discussion in the media and among fans, with many questioning the validity of her claims. Shay’s statements have put her at odds with Mayer, who is said to be frustrated by the situation. Mayer’s efforts to avoid Shay at a recent event suggest that he wants to distance himself from the rumors surrounding their alleged relationship. Despite Shay’s hints and references to their supposed past, Mayer has maintained that he never hooked up with her. The ongoing drama between Mayer and Shay has captured the attention of fans and sparked speculation about the truth behind their rumored relationship.

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