Simon Guobadia has sent a cease-and-desist letter to True Entertainment, the production company behind “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” demanding that they stop filming at his Georgia house amid his divorce from Porsha Williams. Guobadia, the sole owner of the house, does not consent to the release of any photographs or filming at the property. Failure to comply will result in legal action. While sources close to production claim that nothing has been filmed at Guobadia’s house for the upcoming season, True Entertainment has not provided a comment on the matter.

Porsha Williams filed for divorce from Guobadia after just one year of marriage, leading to a contentious split with wild allegations being made by both parties. Guobadia claimed Williams brought an armed gunman to his house, leading him to call the police for assistance. He also requested a restraining order against Williams due to her alleged erratic and unstable behavior. Williams retaliated by accusing her estranged husband of changing the garage codes and door locks on their marital home to prevent her from gaining access. She also stated that their prenuptial agreement required Guobadia to vacate the home within 30 days of a divorce filing, which he has not done.

The ongoing feud between Guobadia and Williams has escalated with legal actions being taken on both sides. In response to Williams’ claims, Guobadia has taken steps to ensure that filming does not take place at his property as their divorce proceedings continue. While the situation unfolds, both parties are standing their ground and making allegations against each other in court. The messy divorce has led to a public fallout, with Williams removing Guobadia’s last name from her social media and severing all public ties with him.

The drama surrounding the divorce between Guobadia and Williams has spilled over into their public lives, with allegations of erratic behavior and issues of access to their marital home. Guobadia’s cease-and-desist letter aims to prevent any further filming at his property, asserting his rights as the sole owner of the house. This legal action is a continuation of the bitter divorce proceedings between the couple, with allegations and claims being made on both sides. As the situation unfolds, the public is left to witness the fallout between these two reality stars.

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