Comedian Tracy Morgan clarified that his previous claim of gaining 40 pounds while using the Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic was a joke. He stated that Ozempic had actually cut his appetite in half and was pleased with the results he achieved while using the medication. Morgan joked that he now only eats half a bag of Doritos, indicating that the drug had helped him with weight management. His clarification came after making a previous statement on “The Tonight Show” that he was able to “out-eat” the medication.

Morgan had previously mentioned using Ozempic along with exercise to trim down his waistline during an appearance on the “Today” show in August 2023. The comedian is not the only celebrity to have utilized Ozempic and similar weight-loss drugs to shed some excess pounds. Others, such as Dolores Cantina from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Chelsea Handler, and Sheryl Underwood, have also shared their positive experiences with these medications.

While some celebrities have seen positive results from using Ozempic and similar drugs, others have shared warnings about the serious side effects that can sometimes accompany these prescriptions. Sharon Osbourne, who used a weight-loss drug to lose 30 pounds, shared that she ended up losing too much weight and getting “very sick.” She described feeling nauseous and experiencing stomach issues during the initial stages of using the drug. Comedian Amy Schumer also experienced adverse effects, feeling too sick to play with her son due to extreme weight loss.

Despite some negative experiences with weight-loss medications, many celebrities have endorsed the positive results they achieved by using drugs like Ozempic. However, it is essential for individuals considering these medications to be aware of potential side effects and to consult with medical professionals before starting any new treatment. Tracy Morgan’s clarification about his weight gain while using Ozempic serves as a reminder that individual responses to medications can vary, and it’s essential to listen to one’s body and seek medical guidance when needed. Ultimately, the decision to use weight-loss drugs should be made carefully, taking into account both the potential benefits and risks associated with these medications.

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